FUSE Summer 2017 - Page 14

FUSE Young Reporter iMATTER MATTER y t ! r a P y r a s r e v i 50th Ann 67 – 2017 9 1 : UK by V r, Lib S e t r U o L p POTENTIAL P g Re n u Yo y Review b 's tential Plus UK This year is Po ion . The organisat ry sa er iv n an 50th known as The was previously ation for Gifted National Associ ame a charity in ec b d n a n re d il Ch e organisation th en th ce in S . 1967 n g gifted childre in p el h n ee b s ha ds er, make frien to come togeth s in their journey ed rt o p p su e b d an ue potential. to show their tr Potential Plus UK founder, Marga ret Branch, was reported by Southw ark News to be a former World War 2 Secret Agent! She found that the re was a need for people to be aware that gift ed children can become frustr ated or misunderstood. 50 years have passed and Pot ential Plus UK is still going strong! This landmark anniversary was marke d with an awesome celebration that inc luded a nice cake, party food, intriguing activities and inspirational talks to suit all ages. At the event, which took place on Saturday 29th April 2017, my family and I had a terrific time taking par t in various interesting activities. with a very The day started me talk by the informative welco Potential Plus Chief Executive of She gave us an UK, Denise Yates. ch on the history interesting spee n, which ended of the organisatio sed on famous with a pop quiz ba ts and things. 1967 people, even 14 FUSE