FUSE Summer 2017 - Page 12

iARTS Thinking Skill s Are you talented in drama? ‘Owning’ the stage takes work and you may need a lot of support. It is important to learn not to get upset over criticism of your work – and to welcome reviews of performances so that you can measure your progress. Plus, always ask for help; even experienced actors get injuries, doubts or stage-fright! Your friends can support your talent and help you get the balance right. Try not to become obsessed. Enjoy the rest of your life too and take time to chill out! Thank you to ELL REBECCA HOW nt n Consulta Senior Educatio UK at Potential Plus 12 FUSE There are three main areas of drama: Making, Performing and Responding. Drama is more than acting; there are jobs for writers, directors, stage- and lighting experts, set designers, musicians and costume creators. Many diff erent talents are needed. Some roles work well with a confi dent, extrovert character, but others need people who can calmly interpret ideas, improvise on-stage or organise a whole show, for example. Which areas appeal to you? Where are your strengths? WEB TIP www.potentialplusuk.org/index.php/i-explore/childrens-help-sheets/ Ask an adult to log you in to our new website. Our Advice Sheets are FREE for members.