Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 9

Not every prospect will give or give at the amount you requested. For this reason, the total potential gifts on your prospect list should exceed the amount you need to raise. Professional fundraisers generally estimate that the potential gifts from your “prospect pipeline” should total at least three times the amount you need to raise. In this case, the Women’s Self-Help Association needs to raise $31,300 to meet its organizational budget. Following the rule of thumb, Women’s SelfHelp Association should identify at least $93,900 of potential gifts (3 x $31,300 = $93,900). In the chart above, the organization has identified only $52,350 in potential gifts. This means the Women’s Self-Help Association should continue researching prospects to find an additional $40,000 of potential gifts for the organization. You can find the Women’s Self-Help Association’s full organizational budget in Chapter 5 on page 25 and can also find a list showing their other funders and the total funds they have already raised on page 26. 6