Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 66

APPENDIX 4: WOMEN THRIVE’S GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP NETWORK (ENGLISH) Join our Global Partnerships Network! Women Thrive Worldwide believes that empowering women is the most effective long-term solution and key to ending global poverty.  It is, therefore, a core part of our mission to raise the voices of women from around the world before U.S. and global policymakers, and to build women’s own capacity to be advocates.  The Global Partnerships Network is a program of Women Thrive Worldwide. We are NOT a grantmaking organization. BENEFITS OF JOINING THE GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS NETWORK Women Thrive’s partnerships with local organizations around the world are crucial and animate all aspects of our work.  We believe women in developing countries know best about their own needs and priorities, and what we hear from them informs our entire advocacy agenda.  We work in partnership with them and highlight their experiences so policymakers can get a local, on-theground perspective of how U.S. and international policies are affecting women.  Our partners also help us track and monitor the impact of international policy change on a country and community level. Joining the Global Partnerships Netw