Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 61

civil rights, social justice, democracy, economic justice, empowering low income families, women’s right, sexual and reproductive health, human rights food. They hold empirical knowledge of soil, water, seed and climate, and are creative problem solvers. Despite limited rights and resources, rural women across Africa are organizing to change their situation. New Field Foundation in particular supports rural women’s organizations in West Africa that are creating change. Due to New Field Foundation funding, and the efforts of rural women’s organizations, more than 350,000 people in rural communities now have nutritious food and an increase in income, knowledge, and confidence. topics/subjects: The mission and operations of the Moriah Fund incorporate concern for the basic needs of all people – especially the most disadvantaged – and for the wellbeing and continuation of the Jewish people. Moriah supports programs that strengthen local involvement, leadership and institutional development. The Fund focuses on areas where private funding can make a difference, that is, areas that receive inadequate government funds, or that leverage public and private support through advocacy and the modeling of innovative programs. description: type of grant: grant range: program activities; institutional development; knowledge exchanges type of grant: $20,000 to $60,000. Usually does not award grants for more than 30 percent of the organization’s annual income grant range: general support and project $500-$750,000 average grant duration: multi-year, one-year for first time recipients; one-year or multi-year for renewals average grant duration: with options to renew deadline(s): The Moriah Fund program board meets biannually, but letters of inquiry are reviewed throughout the year. deadline(s): By invitation only New Field Foundation is not accepting unsolicited inquiries for funding at this time. Check their website in the future for updated funding opportunities. For other funding opportunities to which New Field contributes, please check the AgroEcology Fund www. how to apply: how to apply: The Moriah Fund is not currently accepting unsolicited proposals. Check their website for updates and changes to this policy here: www. NEW FIELD FOUNDATION THE OAK FOUNDATION P.O. Box 151350, San Rafael CA 94915, USA email: telephone: +1 415 561 3417 website: address: Oak Foundation USA, 55 Vilcom Center Drive, Suite 340
Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA address: The Oak Foundation also has locations in Switzerland, Ethiopia, the U.K., Bulgaria, and Belize. Those addresses and their contact information are listed here: email: (USA) website: New Field Foundation currently focuses its funding in: Casamance region of Senegal; the border region of Guinea and Sierra Leone; and initiatives in western Burkina Faso and southeastern Mali. countries/regions: rural women’s organizing and leadership; local food systems and agroecology; human rights; community media topics/subjects: countries/regions: worldwide child abuse, environment, housing and homelessness, international human rights, issues affecting women, learning differences, special interest grants topics/subjects: New Field Foundation works to support rural women and their organizations in sub-Saharan Africa to overcome poverty, violence and injustice in their communities. The majority of grants go to support dynamic local groups that are organizing collectively to create thriving, equitable, and peaceful communities. New Field Foundation recognizes that rural women in Africa produce and process over 70% of the continent’s description: description: Oak Foundation commits its resources to address issues of global social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged. Within their diverse range of program areas, the Foundation funds civil society organizations 58