Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 49

tested and refurbished by Computer Aid’s team of expert volunteers at London workshop before being sent for reuse in agriculture, health, and education projects across UK, Africa and Latin America. GlobalGiving GlobalGiving is an online fundraising platform that gives nonprofits anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities. GlobalGiving approves online applications from NGOs four times per year; vetted and approved nonprofits can post projects on the website and are eligible to collect donations from individuals and GlobalGiving’s corporate partners. GlobalGiving provides nonprofits tools, training, and one-on-one support to help organizations fundraise online. Nonprofits benefit from credibility and visibility from GlobalGiving’s promotional support, along with matching funds and incentive prizes during GlobalGiving campaigns. To find out how you can get your organization featured on GlobalGiving, visit A full kit costs £50, which includes a base unit, 15/17” TFT monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables, USB, CD or DVD drives and network interface card Application form: InterConnection U.S.-based organization that provides used, refurbished computers to schools and non-profit organizations around the world. Organizations receiving computers are responsible for per-unit fees and shipping and must have locally available IT training and support programs. Minimum order is 18 computers. Greater Good South Africa Brings NGOs and donors in South Africa together through their website. Only South African organizations are eligible to participate. For details on costs and how to apply: interconnection. org/store Givology Partners with international and community-based groups working in education to raise money to sponsor students and support schools. For information about how to become a partner: InterConnection also provides free website design for nonprofits in developing countries using web design volunteers, as well as free website hosting and email. They have designed websites in English, French, and Spanish. To learn more: Kiva Kiva is a highly popular online lending system that links entrepreneurs in the developing world with people who are willing to give them small loans, called “social investors.” Funds are given through microfinance institutions and not directly to individual businesspeople or NGOs. ONLINE GIVING WEBSITES These are online mechanisms that bring together NGOs from developing countries with individuals interested in giving donations and getting involved with their causes. These sites feature projects by their NGO partners and accept online donations by credit card or the PayPal system, then collect and forward the gifts to their partners. Partners usually provide photos and other information about their organizations and programs as well as regular updates on their progress. To learn the requirements for microfinance institutions to join