Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 44

APPENDIX 3: BIBLIOGRAPHY PART A: RESOURCES The Grantmanship Foundation Lists international funding resources by geographic region. OTHER FUNDRAISING GUIDES NGO Café, NGO Fundraising Strategies Aid Workers Network, Basic Tips for Fund-raising for Small NGOs in Developing Countries, 2006 FUNDRAISING TRAINING Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) The Association of Fundraising Professionals This is the largest professional association for fundraisers in the U.S. Its website includes some free resources, as well as content only available to members. The Second FundHer Report: Financial Sustainability for Women’s Movements Worldwide, 2007 Financial-Sustainability-for-Women-s-Movement-sWorldwide-Second-FundHer-Report The Resource Alliance The Resource Alliance works with non-profit organizations around the world to help them achieve their financial sustainability by building skills, knowledge, and promoting excellence within civil society. They offer many resources regarding fundraising, including “How to” guides, as part of their Knowledge Hub on their website at www. FundHer Brief 2008: Money Watch for Women’s Rights Movements and Organizations Watering The Leaves, Starving The Roots: The Status of Financing for Women’s Rights Organizing and Gender Equality, 2013 The Resource Alliance runs courses, awards, and events that can be beneficial to your needs. Explore more at New Actors, New Money, New Conversations: A Mapping of Recent Initiatives for Women and Girls, 2014 BRIDGE, Funding Sources for Gender Equality and Women-Focused Projects, 2006 home&id=22709&type=Document&langID=1 LOAN AND FINANCIAL SERVICES PROVIDERS Grameen Foundation Grameen works with individuals in poverty and organizations that serve the poor to develop reliable financial tools that help poor individuals to create businesses, build savings, manage their money and plan for the future. Grameen partners with commercial banks, mobile operators, microfinance institutions, agricultural coops and other providers to create and scale financial products and services to help individuals in need. Global Fund for Women, Fundraising for Change: A Practical Guide for Women’s Rights Organizations, 2007 downloads/Handbook2007.pdf Global Greengrants Website includes a list of resources to guide grantseekers in finding alternative funding opportunities. 41