Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 43

APPENDIX 2: LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) TEMPLATE LOIs are typically 1-3 pages long. Examples of LOIs can be found here:  [ DATE ] [ FIRST AND LAST NAME OF PROGRAM OFFICER ] [ OFFICIAL TITLE ] [ NAME OF FOUNDATION ] [ STREET ADDRESS ] [ CITY, STATE ZIP CODE ] [ COUNTRY ] Dear Mr./Ms. [ LAST NAME OF PROGRAM OFFICER ], [ INSERT 1-2 SENTENCES ON WHY WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT THE ISSUE YOU ARE WORKING ON. (Example: It has been widely acknowledged for decades that countries, communities, and families can thrive if women and girls are empowered. So if the empowerment of women and girls is critical to securing a just and equitable world, then why has it not yet happened?) ] [ NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION ] respectfully requests a [ TYPE OF GRANT (project or general operating) ] grant in the amount of [ $XXXXX ] from the [ NAME OF FOUNDATION ] to [ DO WHAT TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE YOU MENTIONED ABOVE (Example: Women Thrive respectfully requests a general operating grant in the amount of $30,000 to advocate for policy change at the U.S. and global levels so that women and men can share equally in the enjoyment of opportunities,