Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 32

 your cover letter or email, list all the documents In you’re enclosing so it’s easy for the foundation reviewer to see that you’ve included all required information (if some of your email attachments didn’t come through, they can also let you know so you can re-send them). PUBLICATIONS The Association will produce two fact sheets (1 page long) and one policy brief (5-10 pages long) to present to policymakers at the forum, based on the input we receive from the community meeting and the policy specialist’s research. We estimate needing 50 glossy color copies of the fact sheets and issue brief.  Address the proposal to the correct person/job title/ department. Don’t just send it to the foundation’s general address (it could get lost), unless that is what they request you do. INDIRECT COSTS Indirect costs for this project have been calculated at 15 percent, according to the International women’s fund guidelines.  Submit the entire proposal package as instructed in the proposal request or by the program officer (e.g. mail, email or fax). REVIEW YOUR PROPOSAL Sometimes you’re working so close to the deadline that you don’t have much time to review your application before you submit it. This is a mistake! Build in extra time in the proposal process so that a third party can review your draft.  Don’t include lots of additional materials they don’t ask for. Some foundations explicitly say NOT to include extra materials. They don’t want them and will throw them away.  Don’t use fancy fonts, colored paper, special covers, or folders. Many foundations take your application and photocopy it to dis