Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 31

BUDGET NARRATIVE/BUDGET JUSTIFICATION spend approximately 20 percent of her effort managing this project. Sometimes funders (especially large institutional foundations, aid agencies, and governments) require a budget narrative (also known as a budget justification) along with the budget so that you can explain the costs involved in your project. Foundations requiring budget narratives usually include instructions in their guidelines. The Grassroots Organizer will reach out to women’s groups in the community to participate in community meetings, including arranging transportation to the meeting site. She will also help organize the policymaker forum in the capital with the assistance of the consultant for event organizing. She will devote approximately 22 percent of her effort to this project. For detailed narratives, there are sections for each category of spending: TRAVEL The Women’s Self-Help Association will arrange for minivans and buses to transport women from around the community to the two community meetings in order to ensure that a broad cross-section of women can participate.  the roles of the personnel involved in the List project, what they do, and define the percentage of their overall time and effort to be spent on the project. Percentage of effort means that amount of time a person spends on a specific project compared to their total time at work. Sometimes there is an additional section to explain how their fringe benefits (additional compensation provided besides salary such as insurance, pension contributions, vacation, and educational benefits) are calculated. The Project Director and Grassroots Organizer will travel to the capital for the policymakers’ forum. This expense covers their ground transportation, two nights’ lodging, and meals/per diem expenses. EVENTS Two community meetings will be held at the Association’s headquarters during the course of the project, at the end of the second and fourth quarters of the year. The first meeting will bring representatives of local women’s groups together to discuss policy issues and make recommendations for policymakers. The Association will present the outcomes of the policymaker forum at the second community meeting. Expenses associated with the meetings include refreshments, copies of the meeting agenda and background documents, and display materials.  any consultants are involved in the project, If explain what work they will do, how much time it will take (hours or days of work), and how much they will be compensated  Explain any travel related to the project: what kind of expenses and why they will be incurred  Equipment that must be purchased  Supplies and other direct costs (communications, postage, events, publications, etc.) for the project  any sub-grants or sub-contracts made to other List organizations as part of this project and explain the purpose of the sub-grants or sub-contracts The policymaker forum will be a one-day event in the capital during the third quarter of the grant period. We will invite key Members of Parliament and officials from the Ministry, along with a number of representatives of the women’s community selected at the community meetings. The one-day rental of a room for the forum includes food and beverage costs.  Indirect costs: state the percentage rate requested and how it was calculated (which costs apply, how rate was set) For simpler budgets, you can place numbered footnotes below the budget chart explaining particular costs. CONSULTANTS The policy specialist will conduct specialized research on the issue and help the Project Director draft publications, including a one-page summary (a “fact sheet”) and a short report with policy recommendations (a “policy brief ”) that will be presented at the policymaker forum. SAMPLE BUDGET NARRATIVE: WOMEN’S SELF-HELP ASSOCIATION ADVOCACY PROJECT PERSONNEL We will contract an event organizer in the capital to manage all the logistics for the policymaker forum, as well as the invitations and responses (RSVPs). The Advocacy Project Director will oversee all aspects of this project, including supervision of the Grassroots Organizer and the consultants. She will 28