Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 29

PROJECT BUDGET The project budget, as mentioned above, is created for the proposal to show all costs related to a specific area of work that you are applying for a grant to fund. This budget can be simple with one column showing expected costs for the entire program when the proposal asks for the whole project budget, or it can include extra columns showing the specific expenses covered by this proposal and those expenses covered by other funders. SAMPLE PROJECT BUDGET Women’s Self-Help Association Proposal to the International Women’s Fund ADVOCACY PROJECT BUDGET FOR THE PERIOD JANUARY-DECEMBER 2014 EXPENSES TOTAL U.S. $ LOCAL CURRENCY Advocacy Project Director (20% effort) $1,200 24,000 Grassroots Organizer (25% effort) $660 13,200 Subtotal: $1,860 37,200 local ground transport for community meeting attendees $450 9,000 travel to capital for policymaker forum (ground transport, lodging, meals for two staff) $700 14,000 Subtotal: $1,150 23,000 two community awareness-raising meetings (each at $100) $200 2,000 policymaker public forum (location rental fees) $500 10,000 Subtotal: $700 12,000 policy specialist for issue research (todays’ work at $50/day) $100 2,000 event organizer for forum (three days’ work at $30/day) $90 1,800 Subtotal: $190 3,800 fact sheets (two at $100 each) $200 4,000 policy brief $250 5,000 Subtotal: $450 9,000 Indirect Costs (15%) $750 15,000 TOTAL $5,100 100,000 PERSONNEL TRAVEL EVENTS  CONSULTANTS  PUBLICATIONS  26