Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 28

financial support for your organization and strengthens your application. If you don’t have many other funders, a list of your other funding sources can support your argument in the proposal that the foundation’s support is vital to your providing needed services in your community, and that without the grant, your beneficiaries will not be adequately served. LIST OF FUNDERS Some funders also want to see a list of your current sources of revenue in addition to the organizational budget. Most project grants will not cover all the expenses that keep your organization running, so foundations want to know that you have other sources of revenue to back your work. A strong list of other funders shows you have a solid basis of Women’s Self-Help Association List of Current Funders (IN U.S. DOLLARS) INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TOTAL 2014 SUPPORT STATUS INGO sub-contract 1 $20,000 secured INGO sub-contract 2 $10,000 pending XX Foundation $8,000 secured Local Bank sponsorship $5,000 secured International women’s fund $5,000 pending Anonymous foundation $5,000 pending Area Community Foundation $2,500 secured Estimated Individual Contributions as of 3/01/14: $1,500 Estimated Membership Fees: $2,500 Estimated Earned Income: $5,000 Estimated Other Contributions: $4,300 25