Fundraising Guide (English) June 2014 - Page 13

CHAPTER 3: NOT JUST FOUNDATIONS: WHERE TO FIND MONEY There is not a single right way to raise money for your organization. Some NGOs get most of their money from government or foundation grants, but others find ways to earn income by charging for their services or selling products they make in their programs. Successful fundraisers are creative and responsive to their local environment. board, and volunteers. Even in the poorest communities, there may be a few people who can afford to give small donations to support your work. Those who cannot afford to give money may be willing to contribute their time and skills for a cause that is close to their hearts. Create your own map or chart that includes those who already give and those who may be good prospects. Often the best way to start is by surveying your community to discover opportunities for raising money that exist close to your home. If you provide needed services within your community, you have a potential built-in base of support from the people who live there. These people may be a good place to start, as they are most likely to be committed to improving their community and making sure vital social services and opportunities are available to its residents. Having a strong local base of financial support is a great way to build a movement for social change. Being able to show prospective foundation or corporate funders that you have a solid local base of support will strengthen any grant applications you write. You can also show your organization’s strength by calculating the monetary value of your volunteers’ efforts, which are “in-kind contributions” (discussed in more detail below). Fundraising is not separate from community building, but is an integral part of it. Look for ways to integrate fundraising into the networking and community building activities your organization already does. This will be a real sustainable strength for your organization now and in the future. $ $ OR GAN I ZA Sources of Direct Funding: Start from the Inside TI N $ U R O YO You should build your network of support from the inside out; start with those closest to you and your organization and move outward from there (see chart below). Support for your organization begins with you, your coworkers, your board of directors, advisory $ Organization Members/Key Stakeholders leadership, staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries Revenue-Generation/Income Generation income generating activities (IGA), sale of organization’s products, services, and skills/expertise The Local Community individual donors, businesses, government, churches, community funds/foundations, and philanthropic networks (women’s professional networks, Rotary clubs, Zonta, etc.) Locally-Based International NGOs and Aid Agencies, International Corporations with Operations in Your Community International Women’s Funds and Foundations, Online Networks Like Kiva and Global Giving 10