FTA 2017 Routes of Faith I - Page 8

DESTINATION TERRAINS OF FAITH Ganges River By Bob Rouse FTA members not only put travelers in touch with their religious roots, they also reveal the places and faces of different religions and diverse cultures. Diversity extends to the many terrains of faith travel, too, from the mountains of Tennessee to a river in South Asia. An island abbey On the west coast of Scotland is the serene Isle of Iona, home to one of the oldest sacred sites in Europe. Iona Abbey was founded in A.D. 563 by St. Columba and 12 Irish followers and became an influential center of Christianity among the Scots. St. Martin’s Cross, which dates to the eighth century, still stands outside the abbey. “Iona retains its spiritual atmosphere and is a popular site for Christian pilgrimage and worship,” says Maggie Anderson of VisitScotland. “There’s an organized walk around the island every Tuesday, with stops at places of historical and religious significance.” The abbey church was restored at the beginning of the 20th century, and work on the living quarters began in 1938, which marks the beginning of the Iona Community. This ecumenical group founded by Rev. George MacLeod embraces Christians from different G&FF0BvƷ2bƖfRख#2&rFRCSFfW'6'b6V&( 2'&fFP6N( 26VB6'fVB7FW2vW&R6VBF7FR&&WW6WVf6F'266V&g&FW'&WFfRV2BVGV6FVFwVFRf"&RfVFW'6BvvRFW'6f6G66FB6"f6Bf6G66FB6ࣀ&WFW2bfF7&BfVB6W0F&66VFrFFRVF2bFVW76VR6vW@VN( FvBv( G62W''f&W"brV&W2FW'2v6'W&֗76W&( vVvRFRw&W2FFRFV'FWB6fVFvVf&vRFW&Vǒ&BrFRv( R62( FW&^( 2G2`6vrFR'W2( ХFRvVVrWfVB6WBf"6WB#N( 33F2V"GG&7G2v7VW6>( 2FW2BFV"f266&FrF4VǒvVf&vRFW'FVBbFW&6( 7BFW"w&W27F&WBF&VRF>( GvFGvWfVw2`66W'G>( FB6R7Ff"FRVF&RWfVB( 4Vǒ62( GW&pFRFFWW&RvVf&v^( 2Fr6rBGG&7F3f6BFǗvC"66VGVRVFFW"vF7FWwVFRFFRF&( Ю( ėN( 2FffW&VBFVVBG&f"W2BBbgV( f&W"62( vRFFRw&VBv7F72BGfW'F6R6WFW&v7V&F7FF2( У#r&2FRcFV"bFRWfVB( W"Fv6W2ƗfRvFFR6VBbv7VW62WfW'vW&R( ХFV&&R&WBFRVWfVBvVf&vRV4VǒB6Vǔ6GgvVf&vR6"f6@חvVf&vR6