FSU College of Medicine 2018 annual report 2017 Annual Report - FSU College of Medicine - Page 54

T H A N K S T O O U R S U P P O R T E R S 52 MORCOMS ARE LONGTIME FSU SUPPORTERS Russ and Genie Morcom’s name is emblazoned on Florida in grad school they lived in Alumni Village. She graduated State’s Aquatics Center. It’s woven into the name of an from Tallahassee Community College and later completed endowed chair in the Department of Psychology. It’s revered her bachelor’s in elementary education at what is now the among the Seminole Boosters, where Russ was chairman for a University of Central Florida. After Russ retired, they settled rare double term. No one would have thought twice if they had in Tallahassee and quickly committed to improving FSU’s rested on their FSU laurels and sat on the sidelines awhile. academic and athletic programs. But they didn’t – and as a result, a number of FSU medical It was actually their family doctor, Sandeep Rahangdale, students each year will get a scholarship boost from the who introduced the Morcoms to the College of Medicine and Morcoms’ latest gift. its mission to serve the underserved. Rahangdale, an internist It’s called the Morcom Endowment for Excellence, and it’s who has been on the med school’s faculty since 2003, now designed specifically to assist College of Medicine students is dean of the Tallahassee Regional Campus. It’s one of six who have a financial need, strong academic and patient- campuses across the state where College of Medicine students centered skills, and a commitment to provide primary care. devote Years 3 and 4 to hands-on clinical instruction. “Genie and I have followed the growth of the FSU College Rahangdale is something of an evangelist when it comes of Medicine with great interest for several years,” Russ to this school. He fervently believes in its mission, and he’s said. “Over that time we feel that we have gotten a good not bashful about encouraging others to support it. He’s even understanding of the college’s mission to address the physician been known to match their donation with one of his own. needs of rural communities. We’re hopeful that this gift will “This medical school is one of the most innovative in provide financial assistance for outstanding students whose the country,” Rahangdale said. “Our students are getting career goals enhance that mission.” invaluable hands-on experience caring for patients. The Russ earned Florida State bachelor’s and master’s degrees Morcoms saw that immediately, and thanks to their in engineering science and was an executive with Intersil generosity more of our students will get relief from the burden Corp., a semiconductor manufacturer with headquarters in of academic debt and be more likely to practice primary care California. Genie never attended FSU, but in Russ’ last year in Florida. We’re thrilled to have the Morcoms’ support.” Russ and Genie Morcom