FSU College of Medicine 2018 annual report 2017 Annual Report - FSU College of Medicine - Page 13

2 0 1 7 A N N U A L R E P O R T 11 A DECADE LATER: COLLEGE OF MEDICINE ALUMNI MEETING THE MISSION When College of Medicine Dean John P. Fogarty travels around the state meeting with interested constituents, he often tells them: “This is a medical school with wonderful stories to tell. Now we have the numbers to back them up.” Florida State graduated its first M.D.s in 2005. There were 27 of them. Fourteen of those M.D.s completed a residency program in 2008 and entered practice – the first M.D. alumni from Florida State to start providing patient care. Ten years later, a clear portrait has emerged from the numbers that (for good reason) are carefully tracked. When Fogarty tells listeners the College of Medicine is achieving his mission, he’s got numbers to back it up. There may be no more important outcome measure for a medical school to share than, “What kind of doctors are you producing?” You can read about that outcome measure for Florida State on these pages. FSU medical alumni are caring for patients throughout Florida and are practicing in locations that historically struggled to recruit new physicians. FSU doctors are in rural communities (Apalachicola, Blountstown, Bonifay, Clermont, Marianna and Quincy, to name just a few). They’re working in hospitals that provide care for a large number of uninsured, underinsured and otherwise medically underserved patients (a few examples include St. Vincent’s in Jacksonville, Jackson Health System in Cutler Bay and Miami, and Florida Hospital in Orlando). They’re practicing in a variety of specialties, and more than half of them are concentrating on primary care – an essential part of the college’s mission to be “responsive to community needs.” The College of Medicine carefully selects students interested in our mission. It teaches them in a unique, community-based medical education program designed to foster mission-related outcomes. Ten years after the first FSU physician entered practice, it’s worth asking if the approach is working. Fogarty certainly will tell you that it is, but here are the outcomes. Decide for yourself.