Frisco ISD Focus Magazine May 2018 - Page 7

Hannah Rigby Heritage High School College Plans: Brigham Young University Intended Major: Psychology At one time, Hannah Rigby thought maybe she had a future in veterinary medicine. A four-year member of FFA, Born in Nigeria, Lone Star High School senior Chizitere (Chizzy) Ukoha grew up in Frisco and attended FISD schoo ls for all but one year starting from the first grade. For one year in middle school, he stayed behind after a summer vaca- tion visiting family and went to board- ing school in Nigeria. The school lacked many modern conveniences like hot and running water. “It taught me to be a lot more grateful and humble because it is not nearly as easy as living over here,” he said. The experience also gave him a greater appreciation for technology and the op- portunities available in Frisco ISD. “I used to jump around. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do,” he said, ex- plaining how he took both Survey of Law and Computer Science during his time at Lone Star. “I used to want to be a lawyer, that changed,” Ukoha said. “I used to want to be a software engineer, that changed. I think I wanted to be a paleontologist she participated in com- petitions that challenged her to identify breeds of various animals, large and small. It wasn’t until the Heritage High School senior took a practicum course through the Frisco ISD Career and Technical Center that she began to change her mind. She interned at a local veter- inarian clinic and passed an exam to become a Certified Veterinarian Assistant. “I really liked doing all the vet stuff,” she said. “But when I was there, I realized my favorite part was helping people cope when they had to put their pet down or were anxious because their pet was in surgery. I thought psychology would be a better fit.” Rigby is among the first group of Frisco ISD students to graduate with at one point, but medical school has always been in the back of my mind.” Advanced Placement (AP) Biology helped him settle on biology and pre- med as a college major. At Lone Star, he also took two years of French and played percussion in the band. “I am grateful for every- thing that all of my teach- ers, from Boals Elementary to Stafford Middle School to Lone Star, have done to help me prepare for the outside world,” he said. “They’ve made the classes interesting, made learning easy, provided assistance when I was struggling and were overall good people who I could connect with.” an Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diploma. The program requires students take two courses, AP Seminar and AP Research, which are designed to help stu- dents develop college and career readi- ness skills. “You learn that whole process of researching, typing papers and doing presentations in subjects that you are interested in,” Rigby said. “You go about it in your own way, so it is much more personalized.” During her time at Heritage, Rigby has also been involved in choir, Key Club, UNICEF and Partner’s PE, a physical edu- cation class that pairs students with peers with special needs. “I have learned to talk and work with people from all different walks of life,” Rigby said of her high school experience. “I’ve been able to try out a lot of different things and interests and decide which ones I love and which ones I don’t like as much. There is a program or class or club for everyone and if there isn’t, they can make one.” Chizitere (Chizzy) Ukoha Lone Star High School College Plans: The University of Texas at Dallas Intended Major: Biology FOCUS | 7