Frisco ISD Focus Magazine May 2018 - Page 33

Band has allowed Para to grow as a person and learn the importance of respecting her bandmates. develop relationships with special needs students and always take time to talk to younger students who show an interest in band. “Caitlyn is the kind of girl who takes the time to talk to a young child even as she is walking on for competition,” he said. Hazzard strongly believes in what she has been taught at home and in band – it is important to consider others. “Through this year as a drum major, I learned that I definitely can't handle every- thing on my own, and that I have to humble myself enough to collaborate with others, and that when others can't handle every- thing, I have to support them as well,” she said. “I am so blessed to be on a team of drum majors that can give and take and praise and suggest so that we can all be at our best for the band's sake. “One of my favorite sayings is that if you do something ‘for’ someone, you show them sympathy, but if you do some- thing ‘with’ someone, you give them hon- or. Collaboration is all about doing things ‘with’ other people, and that's the central lesson in leadership, education and music that makes everything sustainable.” Putting others first is a sign of a leader on the football field, the marching field or any career field, Weaver said. Para says four years of band and two as drum major, in addition to her extracur- ricular activities with the competitive Blue Stars drum and Bugle Corps, have taught her to be respectful in how she deals with others. She strives to remind herself that she is serving in a leadership capacity and to be humble. On the field and in life, teamwork, re- spect, caring and service to others help make the music in Frisco ISD. n FOCUS | 33