Frisco ISD Focus Magazine May 2018 - Page 23

Career and Technical Educational Center or another site off the FHS campus, the teacher followed along. “I discovered that I could relate to the students in real time and we had a shared, nearly peer experience,” said Wendy Wilson, who teaches Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus and Pre-AP Alegbra 2. “We were able to relate with one another on a new level.” Wilson said her day, which included tak- ing notes in class, participating in a group presentation, working on an art project, studying a leaf under a microscope and taking a quiz, gave her the chance to see “excellent teachers in action” while also experiencing some of the challenges of being a student. She learned that it can be difficult to stay focused all the time when you are the one trying to absorb the information. Tina Littlejohn, who teaches AP Environmental Science, also said the ex- perience was worthwhile. “I enjoyed getting out of my bubble and experiencing the great things happening in other classrooms,” she said. The response to the shadowing expe- riences was overwhelmingly positive, and many of the teachers were excited to see what their colleagues were doing. “Sitting in biology class, I thought about how I wish I had been taught biology like this,” said Steve Hare, a Spanish teacher who is Frisco’s Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Department Chair. “I would have actually learned something.” The hope was that the teachers, as well as the students being shadowed, would gain insight on each other’s perspective. The teachers were invited to provide anon- ymous feedback, and the students also shared their thoughts. “It was interesting to have a teacher fol rR&VBFג676W2( P7GVFVB6B( W7V6ǒFƶrFFVЦ&WBvBFWFVvBbB( ХFRfVRbFR&w&6vVBFR&W76W2bFRFV6W'2v6&V@FV27V62v&r( '&'&V2( Ц6V6rg&WVVFǒ7GVFVG>( VFW"Ч7FFrbW76B7&V6rVЦvvVVB'ffr7GVFVG2&R6w&W2RFV6W"6VFVBআr7GVFVN( 2VW&w&GV7FfVW70BGFGVFR2ffV7FVB'FRVW&w@GFGVFRbFR7G'V7F"B6WfW&FV6ЦW'26BFBFV"6FvrWW&V6PVVBFV&WGFW"VFW'7FBFRVgBFB7GVFVG26''( ėN( 26VvrF6gBvV'2BF氦&WB6WFr6WFVǒFffW&VBvЦrg&672F672( RFV6W"6BदWGF6BFBFR&W76W26V@VG&fR6R&fW76FWfVV@'GVFW26W2FRfPvG2FRB2VvgV276&Pf"FV6W'27V62v6v6BFPWW&V6Rv2v'FvfrWFFR677&( FBFv2vƖvBf"R( 6P6B( BBvfR7Fr7BR2FV6W"BW'6( FƗGFVࢇ&vBvFV6W0Vf&VF66V6RBg&66𤆖v66WW&V6VBFPW'7V7FfRb7GVFVBFR&RФvVWG'670b'&fVRd5U2#