Frisco ISD Focus Magazine May 2018 - Page 22

Cory MacGillivray (right), who teaches biology and is the Science Department Chair at Frisco High School, spent part of his shadowing day in the AP Human Geography class taught by Brent Beeson. Shadowing Program Offers Teachers the Student Perspective Frisco High School teachers learn from a "day in the life" of a high school student. When planning a lesson, teachers of- ten think about the student’s perspective. Rarely, however, do teachers get a chance to actually experience being a student in the classroom. At Frisco High School, 27 teachers received that opportunity through a stu- dent-shadowing program that began this year. Each teacher spent one day attending classes, asking questions, taking quizzes and experiencing what it’s like to be an 22 | FOCUS FHS student. “The point of the project is to put our teachers in the student’s shoes to create that reflection piece on a day in the life of our high school students and the things they deal with,” said FHS Assistant Principal Jason Jetton. “It’s a way we can become better at what we do.” Many schools across the country have student-shadowing programs, and there’s a website – – devoted to it. When Frisco High Principal Erin Miller was associate principal at Lone Star High School, she organized a student-shadowing program there and brought to the concept to FHS this school year. The teachers volunteered for the pro- gram, which included students from a va- riety of grades and academic levels. Each teacher followed along with a student and sat next to him or her in classes, and when a student’s schedule included going to the