Frisco ISD Focus Magazine May 2018 - Page 16

Frisco ISD Focuses on the Whole Child Education is about more than "reading, writing and arithmetic." School is designed to prepare students to be future ready and equipped to deal with a rapidly changing world. This objective requires educators to focus not just on academics, but on the needs of the whole child -- including phys- ical, social and emotional health, as well as the child’s learning. “We believe a whole child approach is crucial to prepare our students for success in life,” said Katie Kordel, chief academic officer for the District. “We focus on ensur- ing each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.” The answers aren’t all found in books or with a mobile app. “When adults consider the skills that make them most successful and fulfilled in life, careers and relationships, rarely do the nuts and bolts of content knowledge come up,” said Amanda Campbell, director of secondary curriculum and instruction. “Things that we learn in academic sub- jects are important building blocks to knowledge, but it is how we learn them Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention This graphic shows how the school and community work together to educate the Whole Child. that tends to create skills that we use the most often – collaborating with others, communicating, innovating and caring for others.” The Frisco ISD team of teachers, ad- ministrators, counselors and coaches all work together to help students develop skills and habits that will see them through Members of the Liberty High School baseball and softball teams greet classmates and teachers with posters and high fives on High Five Friday, an effort to improve campus climate and boost student morale. 16 | FOCUS