FreestyleXtreme Magazine Issue 25 - Page 96

You mentioned the toughness of the paddock. As you were approaching 40, did it frustrate you when people questioned if you needed to retire despite being at the top of your game? With fitness, speed and experience all on point you were winning races and Championships, yet people still felt the need to ask that question… Do you know what that is the most frustrating thing? People wanting to put a number on it. Like now you are 40, you can’t race. There is like this stigma attached to it where you get to 40 and people think you are past it. Plenty of riders have hidden their age or stayed 38 for like six years or whatever, but ultimately I was at a level where I was probably at my fittest. From an experience point of view, it’s all well and good saying put a young rider on the bike, but they are not going to do the job that I can do week in week out. You can do that job because of the experience you’ve got and the level you keep yourself at. One of the best things to happen was Troy Bayliss coming out of retirement at 49, because all of a sudden they stopped asking that question about me being 40. Listen, I don’t give a s**t, I’d rather answer that question with results on track, and say “you tell me why you think I should stop at 41” or whatever when I’ve just gone and won whatever title or race you know… When you are enjoying it and giving 100%, when the desire is there, that’s what you’ve got to do. Good stuff, well I really hope you get the answer you want to hear on Tuesday and we can see you back out there doing your thing, then you can stop when you decide and on your terms! Well that would be the best thing that could possibly happen, having that decision made by someone else would be tough to take, but if we can make it on our own then that would be perfect! t Shakey’s now out of his halo and continuing his recovery – for more updates, follow his social media pages below. /67Shakey @67Shakey @67Shakey 96 |