FreestyleXtreme Magazine Issue 25 - Page 94

If I go there Tuesday and we have some facts in front of us, and it’s black-and-white that really, I’m going to have to stop, then I will have to think “so what do I do now”. Will you encourage your young son Zack to follow in your footsteps, or would you rather he went and played football or done something a little less dangerous? I really enjoy doing my Eurosport thing, but it’s a really difficult thing to come and do this weekend because I want to be out there with you lot. I don’t want to be sitting here watching the action and talking about how well you are all going, I want to be out there racing you. I’ve had 19 wins here at this track (Brands Hatch) and looking at the conditions here this weekend it’s absolutely perfect. So I’d love to be out there, in the mix, chasing podium credits and seeing where we could be - that hasn’t left my system. As for what will happen if it goes the other way on Tuesday, well I have an idea but I don’t want to think about it! Zack is incredibly laid back. If you said to Zack you would take him out on the mini-moto, or Josh said he would take him out on the MX bike and someone else offered to take him out karting - all things that us as boys would have thought “oh my god that’s amazing” - but I said to him “Zack I’ve got to go to the library and read books for three hours”, he would come with me just to be with his Dad. While you are in the recovery process, I know you were flying helicopters earlier in the year, is there any way to get your adrenaline fix? Mate, I can’t even drive a car! I’m not allowed to drive with this on (the neck halo) and that’s been one of the most difficult things: not being self-sufficient. Everywhere I need to go, I have to get Petra or a friend to take me. My aviation licence got suspended as soon as I had the crash - they heard about it and just sent us a note through to give them a shout when I’m fixed essentially. Which is really frustrating as I’d just got it sorted - literally just before the crash, I’d got everything back up and running again. Before I’d even flown on my own or been up without the instructor, I had the accident and that’s it, done. “ He has a brand-spanking new 2018 KTM 65 sat in the garage that he has never even sat on, he is just not fussed. You know the old saying of the pushy schoolboy Dad, well I am at the complete other end of the scale. Sometimes I think maybe I should encourage him, I ask him every now and then, “do you want to take the motocross bike out?” or do you want to do this or that, and he is just like nah we will just go and do whatever Dad. I definitely don’t want to force him, it’s a hard sport to make a living in, anybody who makes a living in it knows that. The paddock is a tough place all the time. When you are winning and things are going good you are the best person in the world, but the minute you have a little bit of a bad run you get “oh you’re too old, you’re finished, your head’s gone” or whatever else. You know there are some spiteful people in the paddock! I wouldn’t want him to go through that. I would much rather if he was a lawyer or a doctor, maybe a golfer - somebody that actually earned a lot of money. You just want the best for your kids, you want them to be happy. u I feel that there is a lot more racing left in me - it’s just that there won’t be any left in me if I can only be 99.9%