FreestyleXtreme Magazine Issue 25 - Page 81

Birdhouse tour So that’s eight years on Birdhouse as part of the family? How did you end up on the team? Well, I was skating for another company. I’d just moved to California and me and David Lloyd were both skating for that company. £ Jaws // Backside Invert But I would go out street skating with the Birdhouse filmer all the time. I was skating some contest and the Birdhouse team manager came and asked me if I wanted to skate for them, and I was like, “F**k yeah I do.” What else is on your to-do list while you’re in the UK? I’m supposed to skate the Street League qualifiers at the end of the tour. Sounds awesome – you’re carrying an injury at the moment, will you be good by then? That’s why I’m real worried about my knee, is I want to be able to skate that. Not that I really think I could qualify, but I just want to go skate ‘em for fun. Yeah, I’m going to try to be there. Hopefully, I’ve just got to take it easy on my knee on this tour. What’s your take on competition skateboarding? A lot of people hate on it. I can’t say, I don’t really know if it’ll be good or bad for skateboarding. I want to go to Tokyo and watch my friends skate, I think that would be fun. So, I don’t know, it’s not really something we can avoid at this point. What about edits, any video parts coming up? Yeah, I have one for Orbs Wheels that will probably come out in the next month or two. Any details? It’s going to be kind of a mellow part. It’s just been fun. Some weird tricks in there, and hopefully people like it. It’ll be like a Thrasher Orbs part. We started filming it right after Saturdays came out - and I was so beat up after Saturdays, I wanted to take it easy and have a little more fun on this one. So, it’s been fun. We just called it, when I hurt my knee in Hawaii, I was just like, “Let’s just wrap this video up and get it out.” Looking forward to it! u