FreestyleXtreme Magazine Issue 25 - Page 79

Birdhouse tour How did you end up on the Birdhouse team? I used to skate for a brand called 5BORO. I’d go up to New York and skate a lot. Then I was getting flow for them and skating with them all the time. But then Clint hit me up. I didn’t even really know him, but I guess they were interested in me skating for the team and after talking with Clint and Jerome - Case was team manager at the time - eventually I got on a trip with them. We did like an east coast tour and then the rest is history. I really bonded with the dudes. What’s the team dynamic like? I mean everybody is super f**king close. Everyone is really good friends and they count on each other for anything really. A lot of teams say, “Oh, welcome to the family. Family this and family that.” But Birdhouse really is such a tight knit crew. It really is like a family. And yeah, Jaws and I are great friends. We get along. He comes and stays at our house sometimes. It’s pretty cool. I had Thanksgiving with him and his family this year. £ Gav Coughlan // 360 Flip How does that affect your skating? Do you push each other? Yeah, definitely. Skating with Aaron definitely makes you look outside of your own realm of skating. I’d never once would - before skating with Birdhouse and hanging out with him all the time - think of grinding off a roof to a six foot drop or something. But then once you’re skating with him you’re like, “Oh man, maybe I could jump off that,” or, “Maybe I could take that impact.” But the same goes for the whole crew. Everyone pushes each other in a different way. Like Clint is a really good motivator. He gets people hyped all the time. Aaron’s just always having a fun time and is just happy. Laughing and always lightening the mood. Everyone’s got their own key attribute to bring to the table. Shawn Hale Tell us a bit about yourself Shawn… I’m from Joplin, Missouri. That’s like the middle of America, small town, and then I moved to California when I was like 22. And that’s when I started skating for Birdhouse. u