FreestyleXtreme Magazine Issue 25 - Page 49

Seth Enslow You didn’t get charged? No. It was partially my fault for not seeing him, but he was speeding and instead of slowing down and going behind me, he tried to race and go in front of me. It was an amateur move; I’m sure he was shocked that I’d turned in front of him, but he was speeding on a rented motorcycle and I don’t know how experienced he was at riding. The authorities did a blood test and it came back okay, and my insurance paid his wife and kids – it was really sad as he had two little boys. I’m sure people have heard mixed stories about the whole deal, but time heals wounds and I’ve moved on. It must’ve taken a while to come to terms with the whole thing though. Oh, for sure. All my other accidents it was just me hurting myself – no big deal – but this involved someone else. Life is so fragile and short and can be cut short with the snap of a finger, you know? Your world can change. Those three months in a wheelchair was the worst three months of my life, using my arms to hop from the toilet to the chair, to the shower. It made me appreciate being able to walk and gave so much more respect for people who are stuck in wheelchairs for life. For sure. Well, FMX has changed so much since those Crusty Demons hey-days. Are you still interested in the sport at all? I still have my dirt bike and still ride now and then, but I work a lot and in construction I can’t afford to get hurt as I don’t get paid to ride these days. I don’t hit ramps or do jumps any more, but I still trail ride and go in the hills. I went on a couple of the Monster Energy Doonies trips out into the dunes and met Damon Bradshow for the first time. Man, that was a trip. He was my favourite racer growing up and he was stoked to meet me. I was like “really? F**K!” To get respect from someone like that all these years later was really cool. I’m stoked to still be close friends with Jeremy McGrath who’s such a great icon and such a great voice for the sport – he’s so humble and one of the best riders ever. As one of the pioneers of the sport, are you happy with the path that FMX took? Definitely. If someone had said they were going to Backflip a dirt bike when we were filming Crusty 1 or 2, we would’ve been like “bulls**t”. To see the sport evolve has been amazing. First we had Carey Hart kicking the first flip around and showing it was possible, then Mike Metzger took it to the next level, then Travis Pastrana landed the Double Backflip and then Josh Sheehan with the Triple Backflip and Jacko Strong with the Front Flip… man, it’s crazy how far the sport’s come. our wing and I’m stoked for all those guys, seeing how far they’ve come making a good living out of it, nice homes, cars and trucks, it’s just amazing. That’s awesome. Looking back on your life now, what’s the best thing that happened to you? I think just chasing my dream and taking that step of faith of moving to California with $1400 to my name and a snowboard and dirt bike in the back of my pick-up. Those first days felt like I was dreaming and honestly, it couldn’t have worked out any better. That jump in the dunes put myself and Crusty on the map and it gave me a career doing what I love to do, travelling the world at a young age, then accomplishing my goal of jumping a football field and backing it up with the Harley Davidson world record, that’s just awesome. To then still be healthy enough to walk straight into construction and home remodelling after all the gnarly crashes and injuries I’ve had, that’s good too! Hahaha that’s definitely a bonus! Thanks a bunch for the chat man; it’s been rad talking about the good old days. t Back on the Crusty Demons Live tours, Jacko was 11 or 12 and Cam Sinclair and Bilko were just pups; I feel like I kinda raised those kids! We took them under | 49