FreestyleXtreme Magazine Issue 25 - Page 46

That Crusty Demons Night of Records event in 2008 that you just mentioned was a huge night. There were tens of thousands of people and the weather was pretty average as well. Looking back, it’s amazing the night even went ahead. What was the pressure like there? I was excited to finally try to break the 251ft record that I’d last attempted at Mike Cinqmars’ in 1999 when I split my head open on the handlebars and crashed hard. That night in 2008, I just had a gut feeling that this was my time and chance. I’d jumped 278ft at Ryan Capes’ place a couple months before in practice, and I knew with a bit more speed I could get there. But it rained all day – like all day - and it was amazing that all those fans stayed there to watch the burnouts, Cam Sinclair breaking the long-distance Backflip world record, a bunch of other records, and Bubba crashing and getting taken away in an ambulance. The weather finally broke and the organisers put a heap of heaters on the run-up to try and dry it up, and it was go time. We were only supposed to get four jumps apiece but after my fourth jump I still hadn’t crossed the 300ft mark. They put an orange cone in front of the take- off ramp, but I went back to the starting point anyway. The guys were all trying to flag me down, and yelling into their earphones, saying “no, no, he can’t hit it again” and I gave them the finger and just started banging gears towards the take-off. They realised I was serious and they moved the cone out of the way in time, and I got the 301 feet, so it was all good. It was a great night and no-one got too badly injured, and we all succeeded in breaking records. Crusty Demons was huge during the mid 2000s, but in Australia, it was just on another level. Why do you think it was so popular there? The average Australian is pretty crazy and loose, and they like action sports, dirt bikes and all that s**t. But yeah, it’s crazy how we’ve been all over the world, but per capita, more people have seen us in Australia than any other country. It’s crazy how much they love it. in South Dakota a few times for Metal Mulisha shows, but a mate wanted to go, so I put a new Harley motor in a chopper I was building and we rode it 2000km to Sturgis. While we were there my mates wanted to see Mt Rushmore and all the sites, so I led them on a ride in the hills. We’d go there and there’d be kids named Seth and Deegan and 30,000 people at events, packing out tennis stadiums. It was just amazing how much Australia loved the Crusty Demons. It was a super-hot day. Everyone said they were thirsty, and I spotted a Pepsi and water machine next to a log cabin, so I’m pointing at it, looking at my buddies so they know I’m about to make a left turn. We’re jumping around a bit here, but in 2006 you also were involved in a serious motorcycle crash that took the life of a policeman. Are you happy to talk about this and tell us what happened? Yeah, man, it’s all good. I’d been to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally .................................. I’m Seth ENSLOW HI, I’M: Seth Enslow I’M: 43 I LIVE IN: Costa Mesa, California I RIDE: A chopper and a 2007 Harley Davidson Road Glide, which is like the Cadillac of Harleys. I DRIVE : A 1998 Mercedes Benz E320. I EAT: I’m not picky; Mexican, fish, seafood, steak, it’s all good. I LISTEN TO: A bit of everything, really. Outlaw country, AC/DC, Parkway Drive, old-school Wu Tang and Ice Cube - and Bob Dylan. IF YOU SEE ME AT THE BAR, BUY ME: a beer so I can remember the whole night and how to get home. For hard alcohol I’ll have a vodka Gatorade or vodka Soda, but it all gets next level when you start hitting those drinks. It was a wooded area and I saw a pack of bikes coming the other way, but I didn’t see this single bike between that pack and me. I made my turn and got all the way into the driveway, when all of a sudden I hear tyres screeching and this bike just T-bones me. I went flying and when I landed the motorcycle frame smashed my femur. I’d already broken it in 2002 filming for my second video and still had the rod in there, so it made a real mess. My right ankle got smashed by his back wheel when he hit me, so I couldn’t walk. I was trapped under my bike and he was somehow laying on my motor and I could smell his skin and flesh burning his belly. I had these sharp dagger foot-pegs and one went right through his thigh and he was stuck on there. He wasn’t moving and I pulled myself out from underneath the bike and my buddies were tripping out, saying “I don’t think he’s alive”. The guy’s wife had flown off the back of the bike and got knocked out and when she came to and realised what had happened, she started screaming. It was just chaos. I just wanted to run into the woods and hide. It was such a gnarly experience. There were cops and ambulances everywhere, and luckily I hadn’t been drinking that day otherwise I probably would’ve gone to jail for manslaughter. u