FreestyleXtreme Magazine Issue 25 - Page 45

“ Seth Enslow I just saw the rut off the From there your profile exploded. FMX was gnarly back in the day and there were parties everywhere. What are some of your craziest memories? Man, just moving in with Damian Sanders, who was the first person to backflip a snowboard. They got paid to make cool videos and that’s what our goals were too, to bring the snowboard lifestyle to motocross. Racing was so preppy back then, and if you had a dirt bike you either raced enduros, motocross, desert or supercross. Everyone had to act a certain way or get fired by their sponsors; the racers couldn’t let the world know they partied like any other human being and loved having a good time off their dirt bike. When they saw us wearing baggy pants over our boots, Metzger doing heelclickers and people launching all these hills and jumps, people were like “wow, this is something new and something we’ve never seen”. One of the funniest things was magazines like Motocross Action and Dirt Rider bagging out freestyle, saying it as bad for the sport and people are going to get hurt doing this sh*t. But seriously, within a year they had all changed their tune and were wanting to jump on the bandwagon. It was funny to see. Was there much pressure to try and make Crusty 2 bigger and better than the original? Definitely. People started asking if we were going to make part two and how we were going to do to top the first one. We thought we better do something big, and without even really trying, we got the shot when I jumped into all the bikes on top of the Glamis dunes. take-off and the blue sky. I looked at McGrath and he said “you know the deal: fourth gear tapped” Hah that’s right! I’d forgotten about that jump. What happened? I was on an old 1992 RM250 and the power valve ended up being disconnected from the bottom end, so it ran fine downhill and on the flats, but as soon as you put it under load and tried to climb a dune, it just bogged. We were at Glamis with the pros for the first time, and I wanted to hit all the big jumps with Jeff Emig and Jeremy McGrath – they were on brand new bikes and I was on this old roach, with the engine mounted into a 1995 frame Greg Albertyn had given me. I don’t even think the engine mounts lined up and it was missing bolts! Anyway, I had to assemble the bike out there at the dunes and everyone got sick of waiting for me, so they went out to a dune called Competition Hill and said to meet them there. I rushed around and finally got the thing going, and ݡ$Ёѡ́ѡݕɔ)хɹ́ѥѡ́յ$)eЁѕеոи$Ёͅ܁ѡ)ѡхѡՔͭ)$Ё5ɅѠͅ+qԁ܁ѡLѠ)хt)eԁЁЁЁɅЁ)e$ЁݕЁȁи́ͽ)$Ёѡ$ͅ܁)ѡ͔́ͥѥѡͅ)$eЁٔ՝)ݕȁѼȁѡ$݅́ѡ+q'eѼɥЁѡ͔)̇tݕɔ͍Ʌ)݅䁱̸$ɥЁ)ѡѡ́х)ӊéͼՍѡЁ$eЁ)ȁѡɽ՝$)ЁѡЁɽеٕ)ѡɕЁ䁙)݅Ёи$䁉ɽ)эɍ䁉ɥ)䁩͕䰁Ё$܁ɕ́ѡɕ)ݡ̰Ё́́х̰)ЁѡɅ͡ѡ)Ʌѽȁ5ɅѣéɅ)܀؁ HɅѥ̸(՝̤)$ЁЁ$)Ёͅqݕ$Օ́ݔ)Ёѡ͡ЁȁЁݼeЁݔt(՝̤)Qӊéͼɱ丁e׊eٔͽ)ͅյٕ́ȁѡ啅̸)]х́Ё́ѡ)׊eɔЁɽՐ)'eٔѼͅѡřЁյ$)Ё ȁAɬɅ(ก5䁱ѥ݅́Ѽյ)щЀаͼѡЁ݅+aͥ͡d$e)$ٔѼյ䁙ѡ)ѡѡи)Qӊéݡ$Ѽյ)ѡ!ɱѡЁ啅ȸٕ)-ٕ́ͽI)ٕȁյ!ɱ䃊Le)䁩յ HLͼ$ѡ՝)Ё݅́ѥѼѡ)͕܁ȁ$ձչ!ɱ)٥ͽ啅ȁѕȁ$͕Ёѡ)!ɱݽɱɕɐЀ͙и