Fredi Magazine Winter 2016 / Volume 2 Issue 2 - Page 68

» david rocco “I’m actually really proud of my book Dolce Famiglia because it’s different. If I don’t do things I love, I don’t want to do them. This book is about family cooking,” says Rocco. Dolce Famiglia includes many of his family-friendly recipes, running the gamut from essential sauces to snacks and salads. But more important, the book pays tribute to the people who have inspired him by telling their stories and sharing their recipes. It explores family cooking and heritage foods from across Italy focusing on the families who have worked as food purveyors over generations. Stories behind such iconic and delicious Italian exports such as parmiggiano reggiano, gelato and balsamic vinegar, items that are always in family recipes and the hallmark of Italian cuisine. To me, it was celebrating all that. If we don’t pass it on, it’s going to disappear. For me, a) I want to give a tribute to all the families I met, but b) it’s celebrating the Italian products. These are people who are gatekeepers of Italian tradition and their family tradition, and they will not veer off.” La a i l g i m a f “What is today’s family? It’s the family of fishermen that go out every day and every morning and come back and they spend more time with themselves than they do with their families,” says Rocco. “I’m talking all sorts of families, I’m talking communities. Really it was about celebrating all the families, celebrating them and their contributions. For example, parmigianno, Italy’s most famous cheese export. There are families that make that cheese. These are families that have been making it for the past four or 500 years. LUXURY, COMFORT & VALUE - DAVID ROCCO Monte Carlo Inns ENTERTAINMENT • Interactive DJ’s & MC’s • Live Musicians • Live Entertainment • State of the Art Sound & Lighting WEDDINGS, CORPORATE EVENTS & ALL SPECIAL OCCASIONS • Personalized Event Planning BOOK DIRECTLY ON MONTECARLOINNS.COM & SAVE UP TO 20% 68 • fredi winter 2016 1.800.363.6400 LOCATIONS THROUGHOUT SOUTHERN ONTARIO What’s next for David Rocco? Dolce Vita took David to Naples at the beginning of 2016 and the sixth season will be airing internationally in early 2017. He told me that next year he has decided to travel to Africa to film a new series, Dolce Africa. He will be exploring the sights, sounds and tastes of the world’s oldest continent. It sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Stay tuned! DISC JOCKEY AND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL EVENTS ™ Your home away from home ™ CONNECT WITH US David Rocco has been blessed with a family who is passionate about food, he shares time in the kitchen with his Mother and Father and with his own family. He involves his children as much as possible, setting the table and being hands on making the kitchen a sacred place for sharing and enjoying quality family time. “I travel a lot, my kids, my wife, they miss me and I miss them. When he is not travelling, the kitchen becomes the room in which they come together. “It’s kind of important to be a mentor, for lack of a better word, for your kids. To illustrate that you can actually love what you do for work.” MUSIC • Complete variety of music to compliment your event • Yesterday’s Classics to the Latest Hits ARCHITAINMENT • Combining Entertainment & Lighting Architecture • Custom Event Design • LED Up Lighting • Fully Intelligent Lighting Systems 905.738.3550 • PLATINUMENTERTAINMENTSOLUTIONS.COM FOOD&DRINK //