Fredi Magazine Winter 2016 / Volume 2 Issue 2 - Page 52

s t n e m g a r f » mental wellness BY ALAN SERRECCHIA frag • ment noun plural noun: fragments /'fragment/ 1. a small part broken or separated off something. » WRITING IN aphorisms (a concise and forceful observation containing a general truth) is something that dates back many centuries and yet it seems that there has never been a more appropriate audience than today’s reader. A famous author once said “There is not enough time to write short books” but today there seems to be no other choice – brevity is king. The more essential the message, the more need there is to ensure it is delivered in its most condensed form. It is with this understanding in mind, that we present what is the first entry into a series of thoughts aimed at capturing a topic in as 52 • fredi winter 2016 complete and portable a manner as possible. While topics will vary the aim is always the same: Reveal a fragment of life in hopes that someone may take it with them on their path to well being. To be clear, this is not an article, there are no facts, there are no interviews, no quotes and as such it may appear strange to some. It will require a measure of patience and attention that might be uncommon, but not impossible and not without its worth. In the end, it is a possible nudge in the direction of wellness for those who may need it. HEALTH&FITNESS //