Fredi Magazine Winter 2016 / Volume 2 Issue 2 - Page 47

“I believe nutrition is the basis to any preventative medical procedure or for any kind of integrative health centre.”- DR.MIKE ANOTHER OF DR. CAROZZA'S unparalleled expertise is in his fatty acids analysis which tells someone if they lack omega 3 fats and are at risk for heart disease. Fatty acids play a critical role in maintaining good health and not having the right type or proper amount has been linked to other ailments including premature aging, various cancers, diabetes, depression, rheumatoid arthritis and various skin conditions. Conducted via a blood test, results indicate whether an individual's system contains enough ʻgood fats’, essential fatty acids that the body can only get through diet, and depending on the findings supplements and/ or a food plan is created according to specific needs. As stress continues to take centre-stage in our lives it is not surprising that 70% of diseases are believed to be stress-related. In response to our ancient physiological ʻfight-or-flight’ reaction and the moderation of stress we release cortisol and other stress chemicals which act quickly over a short period of time. Not designed to deal with prolonged stress, the human body continues to release abnormal levels of cortisol which can lead to issues such as heart disease, anxiety, depression as well as chronic disease and pain. VNCC can indicate levels of cortisol through urine testing and following a diagnosis the clinic may suggest lifestyle modification involving more sleep and exercise, eating fewer refined carbohydrates, eliminating caffeine and participating in relaxing activities such as meditation. ASK DR. MIKE Testing for food allergies and sensitivities can provide answers for many ailments from skin rashes and asthma to diarrhea, bloating, stomach pain and constipation. Urine tests done on the premises can detect if you have Intestinal Malabsorption or ʻLeaky Gut Syndrome’ to see if your digestive health is running optimally. This disorder can lead to excessive gas and bloating, causing you to gain weight and blood sugars to surge,” explains Dr. Carozza. Lab results could also reveal a gluten intolerance or celiac disease which, if left untreated, could result in long-term complications. Weight loss and management is another of Dr. Carozza's special interests and his customized packages have proven results. “We educate people how to eat properly to assimilate nutrients and how to eat enough,” he says. At times unexplained weight gain can also be the result of a hormone metabolism imbalance where lifestyle modification is often suggested. This can include the balancing of vitamins and or Bio-identical hormone therapy such as plant-based estrogens or progesterones and simply increasing the consumption of fibre and vegetables as well as getting adequate sleep and exercise. While there are those who deal with chronic illness on a daily basis there are many who just need a boost to their immune function in order to keep the momentum going in their busy lives. Intravenous Therapy does the job quite effortlessly by bypassing the gastrointestinal system and infuses higher dosages of vitamins and minerals directly into the veins for enhanced absorption. Showing great benefits, IV Therapy reduces the severity of the common cold and flu, stress and fatigue, immunocompromised states, acute infection and aids in restorative health. Besides increasing overall energy this dynamic treatment also prevents and treats diseases. Whether it’s maintaining good health or dealing with life threatening illness VNCC is all encompassing and caters to everyone's healthcare needs. From children, adolescence to the middle-aged and the elderly, all those considering Dr. Carozza’s one-of-a-kind services can rest assured that their health is in good hands. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to inbox me, call the clinic 905.417.4000 or email me at You can also find me on Facebook @VaughanNaturalCare fredi winter 2016 • 47