Fredi Magazine Winter 2016 / Volume 2 Issue 2 - Page 46

» ask dr. mike MANY OF US Many of us will agree that maintaining a balanced lifestyle has become a challenge for the majority with compromises to our health being the most dangerous liability. With our endless to-do lists and fast-paced lives, it seems that illnesses have spiked over the last several generations with studies indicating a strong correlation between stress and disease. Although modern medicine has lengthened our life expectancy, albeit with medications and procedures that could have serious side effects, there is a movement taking hold throughout our society - one which returns to a more holistic approach. This takes into consideration an individual’s unique body chemistry and searches for the root causes of diseases and symptoms. This distinct system of care utilizing Naturopathic Medicine and therapies is finally gaining recognition and is being accredited to the reduction of prescription medication dependency, successful treatment of disease and overall wellness. Responding to this great demand with his innovative techniques is Dr. Michael Carozza, Nutritional Scientist, Naturopathic Doctor and Director of Vaughan Natural Care Clinic (VNCC). GETTING HEALTHY FROM THE INSIDE - OUT With Doctor Michael Carozza, ND By Romina Monaco “Before I ever became a Naturopathic Doctor I was a nutritional scientist and prior to putting the work in place of becoming a physician I was looking at the research and evidence pertaining to nutrition,” says Dr. Carozza, explaining that this clinical research and his scientific background acquired at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine laid the foundation for his profound expertise in human nutrition. Medically trained and naturally focused, he uses these specific qualifications to provide exceptional standards in customized, holistic healthcare at his clinic. “We are like Sherlock Holmes,” he smiles, further adding that it is his job as an ND to search for and identify the uniqueness within each patient and implement treatments that will be most advantageous. “I believe nutrition is the basis to any preventative medical procedure or for any kind of integrative health centre. We at VNCC treat the cause – not the symptom – and have the medical training to diagnose, counsel, treat and monitor people with illness. Our focus, in terms of treatment plans and wellness goals, is to use natural therapies," he says. However, this investigative approach to holistic healthcare is nothing out of the ordinary for naturopathic practitioners. So what sets Dr. Carozza, also referred to as Dr. Mike by his patients, and VNCC apart from other centres in the city? Very much – according to his credentials. In addition to a background in nutritional science, he is one of few NDs in Vaughan who has met the prescribing standard of practice and therapeutics examination which allows him to be able to prescribe, dispense, compound, sell or administer by injection or 46 • fredi winter 2016 inhalation specific drugs. Also, having met the standards of practice for IVIT (Intravenous Infusion Therapy) for vitamin administration. Self-regulated at one time, Naturopathic Medicine is now governed under the same umbrella as the medical profession and with the recent passing of a new Ontario legislation, NDs now have prescribing privileges which also include higher doses of vitamins and hormones including access to some restricted herbs. However, all of this requires the ND to pass rigorous board exams at the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, the profession’s regulating body. As a primary healthcare physician offering the best quality service, Dr. Carozza meets all the necessary requirements and will also work in conjunction with a patient's medical doctor to provide the best solutions. A vastly popular centre in Vaughan, those who enter the doors of VNCC feel safe, respected and supported by its qualified team. From the most common conditions such as allergies, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, skin disorders, digestion, cold and flu prevention to depression, anxiety and sleep deprivation, VNCC also specializes in more acute healthcare problems like chronic stress and fatigue, immune dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer support. Other areas of expertise include antiaging, detoxification, weight loss, reproductive health and menopause. As a one-stop-shop, VNCC also offers in-house lab testing such as mineral and heavy metal detection, food allergy and intolerance, saliva hormone, stool and urine as well as blood analysis. These tests determine individual needs and are necessary to create customized treatments. With so many taking health matters into their own hands and purchasing dietary supplements right off the shelves of their local pharmacy and health food store, Dr. Carozza says preliminary testing is imperative to definitely confirm whether supplements taken are working or even necessary. “I've had people come to see me who are tired and fatigued. They don't understand why they are feeling this way since they are taking vitamins. We are very unique and therefore not created equal. Certain patients lack genetic precursors to facilitate inactive vitamin conversion to the active forms which will lead to a significant absorption. As a result, key testing for genetic mutations are necessary to evaluate the proper assessments of a patients requirements,” explains Dr. Carozza who says that one out of every five of his patients may have a form of genetic defect. “A simple genetic test can provide the answers.” This revolutionary test, also available at VNCC, corresponds to preventative care by screening for illnesses that one may be predisposed to such as cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. With this valuable insight a patient can benefit through lifestyle modification, gaining the vital tools in order to control their own health destiny. HEALTH&FITNESS //