Fredi Magazine Winter 2016 / Volume 2 Issue 2 - Page 18

» a shining superstar - ADELE Both as a song writer and vocalist, Adele has been able to cover a range of subject matters. Because they are pieces taken from her real life, this too allows her fans to stay loyal and invested. It’s almost like there is no line between her music and her life, they overlap in ways that her fans find authentically positive. In fact, early on in her career, namely around the time she recorded 19 and 21, many of those songs were about breaking up and getting over love lost. Adele admitted openly that sometimes she had to get drunk to write. Dan Wilson, co-writer of ʻSomeone Like You’, has said of her songs, “The idea is to make them as personal as possible.” Frank honesty seems to be her trademark; her shtick says Will Gompertz of the BBC. This, along with her candour and sometimes potty mouth expressions, allows fans to connect with her and perhaps see a bit of themselves in her and the songs she writes. Who can’t relate to a bad break up or how hard it is to let go? It’s these kinds of moments that she speaks to openly that make her real and flawed like the rest of us. It’s those universal life experiences that keep people listening. The power of music is capable to move people, stir their souls and if you close your eyes while listening to a song by Adele, chances are, it will move you, perhaps even to tears. Her gut wrenching sad, melancholic ballads have continued to set her apart from so many others of this generation. Unlike other female performers, Adele is the show. Shortly after the release of 25, she interviewed with etalk and said that she is not going reveal as much about this album like she did with 19 and 21. “It was hard to decide how much I wanted to give away this time because I gave away a lot last time. I realized that most of the things I gave away last time were actually in my interviews and in my chats. This album is as exposing as my last, if you want I’m just not going tell everyone exactly what the things were about but I also want people to interpret the songs in their own way.” Adele reached a compromise with 25, she left us the pieces she needed to leave perhaps, but nothing more – and yet, still so much more than we are used to receiving from other performers. This past November in her Vanity Fair interview she admitted to battling depression – once again showcasing her willingness to expose herself at the risk of judgement. This fearlessness connects her to her fans while inspiring them to take action in their own lives. This candour and honesty is refreshing in a world where people often pretend to be perfect. It is no wonder that so many of us see her like a modern day Cinderella, shining even in her darkest moments. In amost recent interviews from 2016, we see a significant transformation in Adele. After throat surgery and giving birth, Adele lost her frumpy, happy go-lucky teenage-self and became a more sophisticated, well-disciplined young woman. Adele has proven that no matter how you look, you can turn heads by turning on your voice and honesty. The stigma of being stunning as a prerequisite for fame has been blown out of the water with Adele. She is a reminder to many young girls that look to her as a role model, that a healthy talented mind trumps outer physical beauty. Adele says that she never imagined nor dreamed to be a singer, let alone become famous, she sang for the love of singing. Despite stardom and wealth, she has remained quite humble and ‘real’. She continues to sing with unabashed passion about a kind of pain we all recognize and that sort of thing doesn’t date her, won’t date her. She is Adele. Unparalleled. y m m a r g g n i b b a gr girl! 18 • fredi winter 2016 COVERSTORY //