Fredi Magazine Winter 2016 / Volume 2 Issue 2 - Page 10

EDITOR'S NOTE Attn: Editor-in-chief EDITOR'S TOUCH After a long hot summer followed by a glorious fall, it’s hard to believe that winter came mid-November like a lion with blustery winds and snow. For me, that’s always a sign the holidays are fast approaching. It will be a nice welcome after a tumultuous US election. After one of the most watched elections in the history of the country, people like me are still feeling unsettled about its results. The inauguration taking place in late January of 2017, will mark the end of the Obama era and the beginning of something new, something we can’t quite yet define. One of our top features and most timely perhaps, written by Tristan Bronca, looks at the legacy that Obama will leave behind, memorable or not, it was worth a recap after eight years as POTUS despite the impending administration. People seemed to have either loved or hated Obama, but to have run for two terms, he must have done something right. Our cover story, featuring one the greatest voices of our time, has moved the hearts and souls of people around the world. What is it about her that keeps many of us listening to her songs over and over? Since her humble beginnings and first album 19, the one and only, Adele, has grown into a mature, bold and powerful persona, cockney accent and all. Her latest album 25 takes us on another emotional journey. As a young mother at age 28 she is close to becoming a billionaire by the age of 30. But the question becomes, how will she sustain this level of stardom? Speaking of stars, the holidays beg for all of us to shine, to bring out our very best in food, in fashion and possibly travel. In this issue we offer some great finds for gift giving, some suggestions for things to do during the holidays and Rossana Magnotta has some wonderful wines you can serve while making merry with family and friends. This time our avid traveller Francesca Spizzirri takes us on special journey through Mexico City, a culinary and historical mecca that will surprise you. It’s a must-visit! 10 • fredi winter 2016 In this issue of fredi, we also introduce a section that speaks to our philosophical thinking entitled Fragments. They are snippets of thoughts begging to be reflected upon. No doubt that you will be flexing the muscle of your mind until you reveal a nugget of truth with what at first seems puzzling. Jamie Oliver, David Rocco, Danielle Rose? What do these three have in common? Food. Jamie Oliver continues to offer recipes that are easy to make and super delicious. Danielle Rose offers us an appetizer great for socializing over the holidays and David Rocco shared a little with us about his epic trip and series called Dolce India. His new book Dolce Famiglia is not only a great read but perfect for bringing families together. There is lots more to enjoy in this final issue of fredi 2016. I hope you enjoy it in its entirety. At this time of year, it’s important that we think more of giving than receiving. Remember that even when money is tight, we can give the gift of time. It’s the perfect way to make someone feel special. At this time on behalf of all of us at fredi Magazine, we would like to extend to all of you, our fabulous readers and to our valued advertisers, my personal warm wishes for a special holiday season. May you be surrounded with those you love and who love you. I will continue to be hopeful for world peace for that would truly be the greatest gift of all. Much love to you and your loved ones. Happy Holidays!