Fredi Magazine Winter 2016 / Volume 2 Issue 2 - Page 66

» david rocco CHICKEN AND PRICKLY PEAR e c l Do id v a D It was a beautiful fall day in Toronto, leaves were still flirting with the wind, and the sun shining through branches of half barren trees as I made my way downtown to my next interview. Once parked, I walked across to the Four Seasons Hotel. Travellers were going in and out of taxis and as I approached the entrance, the valet attendant opened the door for me. I made my way to D-Bar and waited for my guest of honour; David Rocco. He arrived with bags in hand stuffed with his new cookbook; Dolce Famiglia. FILOMENA ROSATI INTERVIEWED DAVID ROCCO ON HIS TRAVELS TO INDIA & HIS BELOVED ITALY While he’s been chasing the Dolce Vita for years now, David Rocco seems more grounded than ever before. As envious as some of us are of his travels to Italy, people can’t seem to resist his culinary charm and follow him on his next adventure. David Rocco has really come a long way since his first TV show, Avventura. As Executive Producer, best-selling author, celebrity chef and host of two internationally syndicated television series, Rocco is busier now than when we interviewed him way back in 2007. His series, Dolce Vita airs in multiple languages in over 150 countries worldwide on the National Geographic Channel International as well as Television’s Food Network, the Cooking Channel and TLN to mention a few. People around the world share his passion for his beloved Italy, and all things Italian. As a self-made celebrity chef and foodie, the sweet life seems to follow him in return. The Dolce Vita is not about material wealth but rather he says, “For me it’s enjoying the moment, whether it’s with my children, my wife or eating raw octopus with a fisherman in a tiny village in Italy.” Those “sweet” moments are ones he wouldn’t trade in for the world. The Dolce Vita is a way of life for Rocco, to enjoy a moment with a loved one or a kindred spirit he might meet along his many travels. Since our 2007 interview, Rocco’s life has changed, and for the better. His life has been enriched by his three children, twin daughters, Giorgia and Emma and a son, Dante. Most recently, Rocco’s travels took him to Mother India. After shooting two seasons of Dolce India, David Rocco, without hesitation says, “India was amazing, 66 • fredi winter 2016 FOOD&DRINK //