Fredi Magazine Spring 2017 / Volume 3 Issue 1 - Page 75

THIS BRAND-NEW location in Vaughan is Vivo’s latest ven- ture, with two others already open in Richmond Hill and Etobicoke, and several more on the way across Ontario and in the United States. Consistency is key at Vivo – no matter which location you visit, you will be able to enjoy the same delicious food, in the same vibrant atmosphere. The Vivo brand is synonymous with quality ingredients, freshness and classic Italian cuisine. Wood burning oven pizza, delicious pasta dishes and daily specials that would satisfy anyone looking for the yummiest Italian food. As soon as I walked into the Vaughan restaurant, my eyes gazed across the room admiring each element that crafted this stylish space. Before I even had a chance to be acknowledged by the kind servers, view the unique menu or try the delectable food, I had already fallen in love with Vivo. We were instantly approached by Pino Trichilo, the founder of the Vivo brand, who was joyful and ex- pressive in his greeting. Backed by his experience in the corporate world, Trichilo has strong relationships with landlords across Canada and the USA which allow him to have the premium locations and substantial growth Vivo has already experienced. In the past nine months, three loca- tions have been opened by Trichilo. We were introduced to Vito Fera, the owner and franchisee at this location, who was equally as welcoming. Fera has over 30 years of experience as a chef and after learning more about Vivo, he was quick to jump on the chance to be a franchisee. executive chef at Vivo, Antonio Pirone, a veteran of over 30 years in the industry, and is highly praised by Trichilo. ?M[\IZ\MLW‫_ٺ‬Q\PIUIZOPMZQ\IXQbbIIVLIXZW[KQ]\\W pizza, as well as an appetizer plate of imported cured meats, served with black olives and sundried tomatoes. This was followed up by a plate of penne alla vodka and rigatoni al ragu (tomato meat sauce), two Italian favourites that tasted like they came straight from the motherland. Everything we tried was absolutely delicious, made by the excellent head chef, Ricardo Pascale and pizza maker ex- traordinaire Gianluca Robustino who was ranked 4th out of 600 pizza chefs during a contest in Rome. Vivo prides themselves on the food they serve, utilizing only the best ingredients, many of which are imported directly from Italy. Vivo has simpli- ÅML\PMUMV]QVKT]LQVOITT\PMUW[\ popular dishes, pizza and pasta using only the freshest ingredients possible IVLW‫ٺ‬MZ[NWWL\PI\Q[UILM\WWZLMZ It’s like a taste of Italy without having to leave Vaughan. “IT ISN’T E N O U G H ANYMORE TO JUST HAVE GOOD FOOD. E THE V A L UE NEEDS TO BE THERE TOO, VO AND V IV HAS BOTH.” All food categories on the menu are priced the same. Antipasto plates are all 10 dollars, while pizza and pasta dishes are 14 dollars. Franchi- sor Pino Trichilo explained, “It isn’t enough anymore to just have good food. The value needs to be there too, and Vivo has both.” Whether you order a margherita pizza or the Vivo special, price won’t play a fac- tor in your decision. IN ITALIAN, Vivo means “alive,” _PQKPQ[Å\\QVO[QVKM\PQ[ZM[\I]ZIV\ exudes a feeling of liveliness in every inch and detail. The Vivo brand has that “wow-factor” and it’s impactful. It’s a fabulous easy to get to location, just minutes off Highway 400, and the large windows bring a lot of natural light into the room, creating a great causal urban vibe. Lime w&VV66VG2F@6RW7BFFRL:6"B6&RfVBF&VvWBFP&W7FW&BFWF2&VV7&VBg&fW''G7( Fv( &W2FFR7WGFr&&G26W'fr6"Ц7WFW&RFF&֗7RW'66W'fr6'2V6Deed5t5<8Udՠ4ĕE55T44( ( դd4d50VƖRFW"FƖVFW'FR&VG&6VFFVǒgFW"W"G&GV7FG&6vfRW2FW"bFR&W7FRЧ&BRwVFVBW27&72FR'&v@Fr&VgW&6VBvFgV淐vVWG&2vFR6'2VVvB&"6VBvFǐtԵŰ54f4~( ( 4ueeuՠ5uD45Uu5`0FVB76VBFRW6VBF6VvW&RvPVBvgG2bFVƖ6W266VG2R&6VVFVBF6VBW0BF&R2vRVvW&ǒvFVBFR66RFF67W72FPW&WbffBb6W'6RFG'FRfBBV6ǒFRfB'&fVBf֖ǒ7GRf6N( 0&6F&672BffvFG&FFFƖ@7FBFRf&Vg&Bff'&w2&6G&FFFN( 0&VV7BFW&FƖ&W7FW&G27&VFrWЦ6WF7VƖ'WW&V6Rf"wVW7G2bvW2FPVR6v66W2FVW72&V6W2Bw&VFVG2F@&RW7FǒvBRvRvVR7&fRF7FR`FƖ7V6RFR7&Ff"F2VR6Rg&Хff2WW&V6RƖRFW"FF( 2&W7FW&@GW7G'W&&FW&F7W&R6G&7G2vFG&FFFƖ7V6R( 2FB2vBR6WV7@vVRf6Bff6FFV"6vG'VǒvB@&vCƖfR2'&vFW7BvW&RfB2&W7Bf"gVƗ7Bb6F2BFfWrFRVRf6Bff7F6dBdE$䰦g&VF7&r#r( sP