Fredi Magazine Spring 2017 / Volume 3 Issue 1 - Page 70

Presented by Event Sponsors 2017 FREE June 14 The Funk Frequency Tribute to Prince & The Minneapolis Sound Launch Concert Vaughan City Hall, Courtyard 2141 Major Mackenzie Drive, Vaughan July 12 Abbamania Tribute to ABBA Chancellor Di X\ [[܈]KYB[H HYX[BX]HYHYB]܈[\]X]Bܝܛ[[][]H[B X\[YH][YKܛ[[H H^وX]H\[YX\]ۈY[\ ۙH\X[ۂۛXHZY[][]H\ŒL []YKYBY\^H][[˜] ΌKX]\\Z][’[H NH•X]HH[ۙ\“XX[YH[\X\Œܘ[ۈ\][YKX\B[X]H[Yx&\ ML\^B]]Y[&\[YH^HB]\^K[H H LLLBYۜ\][ۈ\XB H\[ۈ][YKYBQH[YLMLX]]Y\ [\Z[Y[XY[YH[X[[]Y\ [\[ܚ[\X\L H\][YH\ ܛ[\ۈXX܈\]\]Y[XܙX][ۋ\]]Y[K[YLML܈]][[[ܙK[\ۈX[YYXH\[H\Y՘]Y[SML X\XH\[]^\ \\\H]Z[XH]XX][ۋ]Y[K][‘][X[Y[Y[ۜܜ\ [\’[ܙX\H][[H]\Y\\[]ܚ”XܝZ]ۜܜ\[›\^\Y[Y[\Y\YHܙ[][ۈق[Y\[[\Z[Y[Bۜ[Y\X\][”[\\\Y[8$ M KM͌8([\[˘H8(˛\[˘