Fredi Magazine Spring 2017 / Volume 3 Issue 1 - Page 58

TAKING CARE OF YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME The Lombardi Group offers individual property management services for Canadian-owned vacation properties located along the South Eastern Coast of Florida. PROPERTY CARE FOR ONLY $99/MONTH * *Monthly SERVICES INCLUDE: • AC Inspection (includes filter change) • Appliance Inspection & Testing • Plumbing & Toilet Inspection • Electronics Inspection • Pest Inspection * All prices are in U.S. funds Additional Services Available: Visit our website and let us know what else you require and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and provide options accordingly. We partner with reputable service providers and can offer competitive rates on services and we’ll ensure that projects are carried out on your behalf. SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018 | TERRACE BANQUET CENTRE 1680 CREDITSTONE ROAD, CONCORD V E R I AT I O N M U S I C . C O M