Fredi Magazine Spring 2017 / Volume 3 Issue 1 - Page 56

» outdoor workout FULL BODY OUTDOOR WORKOUT BY ABI ROMAN IT’S ALMOST SUMMER which means, beach season! If you want to work on your metabolic conditioning to bring your best physique this summer, then this outdoor workout is a must try! This work- out is short, intense and a great way to get outside for some fresh air. No equip- ment is required and you can enjoy this workout in any outdoor environment of your choosing. Targeting your stabil- ity, cardiovascular system and muscular endurance, this five exercise circuit will have you sweating and burning in all the right places. Keep your repetitions high, rest for 30-60 seconds after each circuit and remember to have fun! 1 BURPEES To begin a burpee, start with a powerful jump straight up in the air. Next, place your hands down on the ground in front of you while your back feet land behind you and then leap with your two legs towards your hands. Once your feet meet your hands, jump right back up into the air and repeat. PRO TIP This will make your heart rate rise quickly so be sure to maintain proper breathing. 2 FROG LEAPS This exercise is exactly how it sounds - leap forward like a frog. Frog leaps are a plyometric exercise incorporating a squat movement. You want to land softly in Abi is a certified personal trainer. She has competed in national and international fitness competi- tions and is a Canadian National Champion in the Bikini Division of Body-building. your squat, with feet flat on the ground while maintaining a neutral spine. Once you land from your frog leap, stand straight back up and then repeat the exercise. FOR MORE WORKOUT IDEAS FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM @ABIANNAAA PRO TIP Avoid landing on your toes to prevent a heavy load on the knee joint. 56 • fredi spring 2017 HEALTH&FITNESS //