Fredi Magazine Spring 2017 / Volume 3 Issue 1 - Page 43

top 10 « BY KELLY TABANGI There are many factors to take into account when visiting a new restaurant worthy of any Instagram feed – a list that traditionally begins and ends with food. But now, aspects like presentation, décor and lighting are equally as important as how great the food tastes. All of these individual characteristics come together to create a must-visit restaurant which is the newest trend in social media photo-sharing. As soon as the food makes its way to your table, or the moment you notice the stunning interior or architectural design within the room, it’s that wow-reaction that makes you take your camera out, start snapping away and post that perfect shot to your Instagram page. For foodies, photographers, or anyone in between, these are my top 10 picks for the most Insta-worthy restaurants across the city – the restaurants that will make it impossible to keep your phone in your pocket. 1 Colette Grand Café 550 Wellington St W )\+WTM\\M/ZIVL+INuaW]_QTTNMMTI[ \PW]OPaW]¼^M\ZI^MTMLNIZI_Ia\W\PM.ZMVKP KW]V\Za[QLM+WTM\\M[PW_KI[M[I[QUXTMaM\ MTMOIV\LuKWZXMZNMK\TQOP\QVOOZMI\NWZ1V[- \IOZIU[MTNQM[ IVL\ZILQ\QWVIT.ZMVKPNWWL[ \PI\_QTTTMI^MaW]_IV\QVO\W[I^W]ZM^MZa TI[\JQ\M-^MZaLM\IQTI\+WTM\\MMUQ\[KTI[[QK ÆIQZUISQVOQ\WVMWN \PM\ZMVLQM[\ZM[\I]- ZIV\[IKZW[[\PMKQ\a1LMÅVQ\MTaZMKWUUMVL \PMQZ;]VLIa*Z]VKP_PQKPOQ^M[aW]IKPIVKM \W\ZaITQ\\TMJQ\WN M^MZa\PQVO 2 El Catrin 18 Tank House Lane )ZM[\I]ZIV\[MZ^QVOLMTQKQW][I]\PMV\QK 5M`QKIVK]Q[QVM-T+I\ZQVQ[TQSMTa\PM UW[\ZMKWOVQbIJTMVIUMWV\PQ[TQ[\_PMVQ\ KWUM[\W\ISQVO\PMXMZNMK\1V[\IOZIU[PW\ -^MZa\PQVOI\-T+I\ZQVQ[\Z]TaQUXZM[[Q^M