Fredi Magazine Spring 2017 / Volume 3 Issue 1 - Page 15

WATSON BY DIANA DUONG When we talk about child actors, the next question often turns to 'where are they now?' We're curious what the bright, promising children who we grew up watching (and envying at times) have accomplished as adults. Let's be honest though, what we want to know is if they made it out of Hollywood sane and alive. Adults understand NIUMQ[ÆMM\QVOJ]\NWZIKPQTLTQNM QV\PM[XW\TQOP\Q[ITT\PMaSVW_M[XIZQLM \PZW]OP7\\I_I_Q\P;WXPQM/ZuOWQZMIVQ\a.IQZ MIZTQMZ\PQ[aMIZ[PM[M\]XI IL^QKMJWW\PQV/ZIVL+MV\ZIT ;\I\QWV–_PQTM[Q\\QVONIZI_IaQVIV]VLQ[KTW[MLPW\MTZWWU IVL\ITSQVO\WXI[[MZ[Ja\PZW]OPIVQ8IL1V\PI\KW^MZ[\WZa [PM[IQL[PM_W]TLVWTWVOMZ\ISM[MTÅM[_Q\PNIV[QVX]JTQK fredi spring 2017 • 15