Fredi Magazine Spring 2016 / Volume 2 Issue 1 - Page 73

ROSSANA DI ZIO MAGNOTTA is CEO of Magnotta Winery, an Ontario family winery and grape grower steeped in innovative winemaking and local history for 25 years. She has created over 180 wines and helped evolve Canada into the world-class wine producer it is today, bringing Ontario's distinctive wines to centre stage in international wine competitions. The third largest winery in Ontario, Magnotta has won over 4,500 awards for product excellence. A bold and rich blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Serve with your favourite cut of steak or beef dish. A traditional and sophisticated Chardonnay sparkling wine with lively green apple and pear flavours. Very food-friendly. Enjoy with age Merit Magnotta MeritagE Limited Edition VQA $19.95 Magnotta Blanc de Blancs VQA $16.95 a variety of meals. The question is what to serve, red or white? Why not serve both! Chardonna y Bl a n c d e B l a n c s MIX MATCH Magnotta Chardonnay Limited Edition VQA $17.95 Full-bodied with hints of butterscotch and vanilla bean and an elegant dry finish. Pair with salmon, arctic char and assorted seafood. FOR EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO THESE WINES VISIT OUR VAUGHAN STORE AT 271 CHRISLEA ROAD fredi spring 2016 • 73