Fredi Magazine Spring 2016 / Volume 2 Issue 1 - Page 54

» outdoor workout circuit PARKS N' REPS As the warm weather arrives, so does our desire to be outdoors. We try to make the most of our longer days and warm summer evenings by spending as little as possible indoors and maximizing our time outdoors. For some, this also means spending less time working out at a gym or studio and putting their workout regimen on hold to enjoy our limited/short summer season – This does not have to be the case. You can get your vitamin D and get your workout on at the same time with this outdoor workout circuit. Head to your closest park, claim an empty park bench and go! Photos courtesy of Filomena Rosati WRITTEN BY STEPHANIE CONTARDI B: 8-10 REPS (knees bent 90 degrees) I: 10-12 REPS (legs stretched, knees slightly bent) A: 12-15 REPS (legs fully outstretched, no bend) WARM-UP (5-10 Minutes) Start with a brisk walk around the perimeter of the park, swinging your arms forward and back. Gradually increase your walk to a light jog, completing another lap around the park back to your starting point, continue to jog on the spot, kicking your heels against your glutes for 30-45 seconds. Complete your warm-up with jumping jacks for 30-45 seconds. BEGINNER: Repeat circuit 3X INTERMEDIATE: Repeat circuit 4X ADVANCED: Repeat circuit 5X PERSONAL TRAINER & COFOUNDER OF THE BOOTYBLITZ FITNESS PROGRAM FOR WOMEN 54 • fredi spring 2016 #ONE TRICEP DIPS A Start by sitting on the edge of the bench, placing your palms on either side of your hips on the edge of the bench, fingers pointing toward your body. nch your glutes off the bench and stretch your legs out in front of you the greater the stretch, the more challenging the exercise). B Bend your elbows simultaneously, lowering your hips towards the ground and then pushing through your hands to bring yourself to starting position. HEALTH&FITNESS //