Fredi Magazine Spring 2016 / Volume 2 Issue 1 - Page 52

» kale, the superfood GOING GREEN ADDING THE SUPERFOOD KALE TO YOUR DIET A BY ROSANN BONURA » MORE THAN EVER, people are looking to make healthier choices as part of their eating regime and many of those options are right in the produce section of your local grocery store. Incorporating vitamin-rich foods has endless benefits. One such superfood is kale. This green, leafy vegetable belongs GAN FASH I O N E L E CE FOR MEN to the Brassica oleracea family, a group of vegetables that includes cabbage, collards and brussels MENSWEAR SHOP QUALITY SINCE 1988 sprouts. Kale has some of the most health-promoting properties of any other vegetable. L O N D O N 7 Downie St. C O U R T U E DRESS • CASUAL JEANSWEAR • SHOES MADE TO MEASURE 7600 Weston Road, Woodbridge | 905.851.6500 PERLUI.CA 52 • fredi spring 2016 Health Benefits of Kale: 1 Packed with Antioxidants / Vitamin A, B complex, C, beta-carotene, manganese, kaempferol, and quercetin are just some of the powerful antioxidants found in kale. ntioxidants provide overall health benefits and protect the body from a number of problems including heart disease, vision loss, memory loss, mood disorders, and autoimmune disorders. Looking for healthy and glowing skin for spring? Kale’s antioxidant properties also provide beauty benefits. ale has proven to keep skin looking great by improving its elasticity. HEALTH&FITNESS //