Fredi Magazine Special Digital Edition 2017 - Page 56

» krystle ng-a-mann WRITTEN BY KELLY TABANGI 56 • fredi digital 2017 IT’S ONE THING TO DREAM , but it’s another to actually live your dreams. In this day and age, we often get lost in the constant struggle of trying to be realistic while also pursuing the goals and passions we have in life. Sometimes, all it takes is one person to inspire us to do the latter. Krystle Ng-A-Mann, known best by her blog and Instagram handle, @dineandfash , is a true representation of going after what you want and putting your passions first. Born in a small town of Brockville, Ontario, 35-year-old Krystle grew up with her loving mother, father and three older sisters. Her parents are originally from Trinidad, but both are a blend of a of cultures. Growing up, culture was incredibly important in Krystle’s life and remains to be a significant part of her life today, influencing her taste in music, food and values. When she turned four, Krystle moved to the suburb of Scarborough where she lived up until the age of 30. At that point, she purchased her current home and place of residence – the backdrop to both her personal and online adventure – Downtown Toronto. From a young age, Krystle was always incredibly hard-working and studious, so once she set her sights on becoming a lawyer there was no backing down. Krystle attended York University where she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She was accepted to Os- goode Hall Law School, went through the official on-campus interviewing process in order to apply to Bay Street firms, and was eventually hired as an associate at Miller Thomson in the field of corporate tax. Krystle struggled to love this area of practice, although she did enjoy law. She decided to switch into general corporate commercial, where she would help busi- nesses and corporations with any of their