Fredi Magazine Special Digital Edition 2017 - Page 28

» francesca spizzirri CITY travelista73 Follow ... FRANCESCA SPIZZIRRI travelista73 FRANCESCA COUNTRY T 28 hey say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. If there is one woman who is a testament to that, it’s Francesca Spizzirri, creator of Travelisa73. Through her writing, the use of inspirational quotes and beautifully photographed destinations, Spizzirri has • fredi digital 2017 inspired followers around the world through various social media platforms. This passion project has allowed her to see places and meet people that not only have inspired her, but have spilled over to her readers. Travelista73 interacts with her followers often on a daily basis, raising awareness of desti- nations that many have never seen or will travel to. Whether it’s the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica, archeological ruins of Mexico City or small towns in her beloved Italy, Travelista73 has garnered the affection of thousands of loyal and inspired followers. It all began five years ago when Spiz- zirri found herself battling whooping cough, which left her home-ridden and feeling depressed. Needing an escape and creative outlet, Spizzirri took her love for hotels, travel and writing and