Fred Olsen Cruises: 2017 / 2018 - Page 2

Fred. Olsen’s experience will make all the difference to yours. With more than 200 ports of call to choose from, you can travel the whole world with Fred, from the impossibly beautiful Norwegian Fjords to the inspirational monuments of South America – and almost everywhere in between. But the advantages of cruising with Fred. Olsen don’t stop there. A fleet of smaller ships means they can navigate waterways out of reach to the leviathan ‘resorts at sea’, and take you closer to enchanting cities, including Gothic Bremen, resplendent Bordeaux and seductive Seville, where you’ll glide along the Guadalquivir river right into the heart of the action. After all, your holiday is all about discovering the best of each destination, ticking wonderful experiences off your ‘must-do’ list. Fred. Olsen’s business is to make your cruise a truly pleasurable experience, the chances are you’ll make lasting – and genuine – friendships with other passengers and also cruise members, whose charm and friendliness is legendary in the world of cruising. It’s completely effortless and all part of the Fred. Olsen difference, as is the reassuringly human scale of their ships, which are spacious, comfortable and far more relaxed than the huge impersonal floating resorts operated by some cruise lines. There’s a practical benefit to this as well, since the smaller ships can take you to the heart of some of the world’s most fascinating destinations, like St Petersburg. Fred. Olsen Cruise Line is a family managed business, and you’ll see the benefits of this every day you are on board. It’s a matter of pride for the family to make your cruise utterly memorable, to make you want to come back again and again. In an age when people sometimes feel they are treated as just numbers on the mega-liners, you will find that because of the intimacy of the Fred. Olsen ships, you are treated as a person. It’s attention to detail that makes all the difference. For example, all ships in the fleet have paintings and other works of art from the personal “collection of the Olsen family, who have the largest private collection in Norway. It’s this personal touch that makes their vessels – and your cruise – just a bit more special. It’s all part of the service, all part of what makes a cruise on one of Fred. Olsen’s ships a unique experience. Welcome aboard – to a world of difference. 2 contents World Voyages 4-5 Exotic Holidays 6-7 Caribbean & Amazon 8-9 Mediterranean 10 -11 UK and Ireland 12-13 Europe 14 - 17 Norwegian Fjords 18 - 21 Artic, Iceland, Greenland & Norway 22 - 25 Scandinavia and the Baltic 26 - 28 Africa & Indian Ocean 29 General Information 30-31 Departures 32