Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 84

Marketing Supply Chain Management VISUALOGISTIX’ BRANDED MARKETING PORTAL REDUCES THE ART REQUEST LOAD ON CREATIVE TEAMS BY UP TO 40 % VISUALOGISTIX’ BRANDED MARKETING PORTAL REDUCES THE TIME IT TAKES TO ORDER MARKETING MATERIALS BY UP TO 70 % VISUALOGISTIX POP KIT PRODUCTION PROCESS REDUCES OVERALL POP KIT COSTS BY UP TO 15 % WHEN USING THE VISUALOGISTIX BRANDED MARKETING PORTAL, FRANCHISEE USE OF MARKETING COLLATERAL INCREASED BY 10X VISUALOGISTIX® BRINGS YOUR IDEAS TO LIFE. Our team of experts can partner with you on everything from developing marketing execution to print and digital production, from distribution to installation. And our extensive experience allows us to become your trusted advisor to ensure consistency and success for all your marketing needs. Branded Marketing Portal Everything Print Direct Mail Warehousing Fulfillment Reporting Take your brand to the next level. CALL 888-245-8480 OR VISIT VISUALOGISTIX.COM/FRANCHISE