Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 7

Align Your Field Operations Strategy with Your Top Business Priorities The following is an excerpt from the ebook 5 Field Operations Secrets from 600 Franchise Brands, written and published by FranConnect. Like all franchise brands, you are focused on two key initiatives – unit growth and unit eco- nomics. Simply put, as your development team awards more units, your job is to ensure those new franchises get up and running quickly and start making money. The success of each franchise is paramount; in fact, their success feeds back into unit growth, as profi table franchisees offer better validation for the development team. Field opera- tions is the critical function that works to create consistent performance across your network. The fi eld operations team strategy and resulting tactical approach must align with your top busi- ness drivers; otherwise, you will have a lot of activ- ity that either goes nowhere or is underappreci- ated. A successful strategy starts at the top, takes a holistic approach to evaluation, and then deter- mines how it trickles down through the system. Be honest with yourself and challenge any precon- ceived notions you have. It’s important to iden- tify where improvements are required. You will be glad you did. #1 – Know Your Priorities Your CEO and executive team have priorities that are reported on regularly and, often times, reported out to a board of directors. These are the only priorities that matter for your organization. Make sure you understand and have articulated to your fi eld consultants what these priorities are and how they are measured at the corporate level. Your team needs to embrace these priorities as the guiding mantra for fi eld operations. Every action must align with a priority even at the fi eld level. #2 – Align Field Operations Metrics to Each Priority What KPIs are you tracking today for fi eld op- erations? Do they align with the priorities for the organization’s growth? Can the fi eld operations team describe how their day-to-day tasks impact the corporation? Field consultants often feel as though there are too many questions to cover in a single visit and too much reporting and admin- istration – it’s overwhelming and time consum- ing. We are so busy with day-to-day blocking and tackling that we forget to take a step back and be strategic. If you are aligned with the top priorities of the business, then you can go through each site visit question and report to eliminate the fat. The goal is to streamline and only do what matters to the business priorities. Reevaluate your visit questions annually to capture only the information vital to the organization’s evolving business goals. #3 – Pick an Opportunity In business strategy, it is often best to identify and start with one or two areas of potential big impact. The same is true here with a need to iden- tify and evaluate one or two key fi eld consultant touchpoints where, in referring to the current busi- ness priorities, you have the opportunity to experi- ment and generate a difference. Test for success, learn, and then look for ways to expand impact throughout the team. Visit eld-operations- best-practices to download the full version of th e ebook. CONTACT INFORMATION Address 11800 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 900 Reston, VA 20191 Contact