Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 66

HOT DISH ADVERTISING How one agency uses technology to make the (franchise) world go ‘round It’s no secret that franchising is a booming business. Behind every successful franchise dominating their markets is a team working tirelessly to identify, reach, and recruit the best franchise candidates. This difficult feat is made easier by companies like Hot Dish Advertising. CONTACT INFORMATION DAWN KANE E-mail Phone 612.746.8414 Hot Dish, based in Minneapolis, is a full-service ad agency with experience in developing strategic marketing plans that help their clients grow their businesses. More specifically, they help franchise brands grow. The agency is headed by franchising dream team, CEO and co- founder Dawn Kane and President and business partner Jen Campbell. “The more we understand about the prospects and what motivates them, the better it allows us to get more qualified leads into the pipeline,” says Campbell. “A lot of that understanding comes down to us unearthing good data and knowing what to do with it.” The changing technology landscape provides more access to information than ever before, but data overload and erratic algorithms make knowing how to use it a challenge. Hot Dish shines here, proactively helping franchisors leverage their assets in a way that speaks to and connects with their audience. Pairing data with consumer insights, predictive analytics, and technology is key to the agency’s process and the success they help clients achieve. Address 800 Washington Ave. North Suite 205 Minneapolis, MN 55401 64 Franchise Update Media